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Jennifer Gaillard is a Los Angeles native with an excellent sense of design. She entices her viewers with delicate treasures and startling compositions that aim to spiritually connect her audience to the subject matter. Jennifer chooses each and every image with care in hopes of showing her audience how special that image is to her.

Her artistic tendencies stem from the creative influences of her family members both musically and visually talented. Jennifer is the granddaughter of Slim Gaillard, the famous jazz artist, who created his own wacky jive language. Having a grandfather like Slim Gaillard definitely helped to sculpt Jennifer’s artistic abilities.

From the age of two, Jennifer has been drawing and painting. She truly enjoys painting with acrylics in an abstract expressionist style or drawing delicate and ornate designs. She has studied studio arts and arts education at Glendale Community College and California State University, Los Angeles. It wasn’t until her college career that Jennifer acquired an interest in photography. She always carries her camera wherever she goes because one never knows when an opportunity will rise to capture a special moment in time.

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