Featured in RB Blog! Pterodactyl Delay Pedal

Here is a Redbubble blog that I am featured in!

I’m the first person to admit I’m not an artist. I can’t really draw and my designs only sell because they’re cute and silly, rather than any obvious skill.

So I’m VERY excited to be (finally?) featured in one of Redbubble’s blogs, Terror Takes Flight with this Collection of Pterodactyls. The design is Pterodactyl Delay Pedal, which came hot on the heels of the T-Rex Distortion Pedal. Both of them are based on the distinctive range of Boss guitar effects pedals.

I’ve seen RB artists’ awesome works in their regular emails and blogs and wondered, wistfully, if or when I would ever turn up in one. Part of me thought some of my more intricate pieces already deserved to be featured – and then my more realistic side assumed it would take a great deal more skill, popularity and works to get a design up there. So, I’m a bit surprised and obviously stoked, especially when the quality of other designs is so high. Check them out!

Huge thanks to everyone who’s favourited, commented or even bought one of my works, you guys are pterasaur-some. (Geddit?)
Next step: front page!

Here’s the blog again:

Here’s the design:


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