Recent sales, and moving to Melbourne

Hello from RB HQ city, Melbourne!

This is my first post in a long while, but don’t worry, I aten’t dead. Hopefully you’re seeing all the designs I’m putting up, nearly 800 now. They’re not all great but getting better all the time!

Sales are still far from enough to live on, but I am selling regularly, which I’m very grateful for.

For anyone who’s interested, last year was complicated for me.
- I left my beloved Wellington (NZ) in April
- Went to Bangkok for 3 weeks (an underrated city)
- Back to UK for 5 months to see friends and family
- Took a couple of travel tips to Europe (Switzerland! France! Poland! Slovakia! Budapest! Prague! And Germany for 10 minutes)
- Headed back to Thailand and Laos
- Spent December and Christmas in New Zealand again
- And finally wound up here in Melbourne!

It was all planned out, but now I’m glad to be settled in the same place – and believe me Melbourne is a BIG city with lots going on and lots to do. Exciting times.

Anyway here’s just a few examples of recent sales which I’m really stoked about. Hope you like them. Thanks for the support and being cool! Jx

Worker Ant, Soldier Ant, Queen Ant

Finally someone bought a print of this! I put a lot of time into this, and I’m pleased with the way it turned out, so it’s great that someone finally wanted to buy it.

Mordor Philoslothy

After the Feeln’ Philoslothical design, I figured it needed a mashup with the “walk into Mordor” meme. A bit niche maybe, but someone just bought an iPhone case!

DJ Enzyme – Always Breaking It Down

This is a joke that I F**king Love Science regularly shares on Facebook, but I realised no-one had done a design for it, never mind a good design. And lo, a sale! Thank you, random science fan.

I Survived Ragnarök (wolves)

There’s a new apocalypse in town (they seem to come once a year) – apparently the Vikings think the world will be eaten and gods and men will die on 22nd Feb 2014. Naturally, some people want a T-shirt to celebrate.

Unicorn, Bicorn, Tricorn, Quadcorn, Pentacorn, Hexacorn … and Corn

Finally, this design is seeing a few stickers sold. Helping people correctly identify different types of corn!

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn

A cute and silly design – tons of versions already on the internet but thought I’d do my own. The Narwhal and Triceratops versions are selling too.

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