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Wellington, New Zealand

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I for one welcome our new Duvet Coverlords!

It’s barely a month since pillow cases were released, and now duvet covers are here. Good work Redbubble :)

No official announcement yet, but I’ve worked out the template is roughly 11500px tall and 13500px wide. That’s for the full King Size spread though, the “twin” (single?) is much smaller.

The question is, will they automatically apply files already uploaded as posters to the duvet covers? I’m guessing not, for 2 main reasons:
- Apparently people got angry when they did this for throw pillow covers (not sure why, they’re just trying to help us sell things)
- As above, the template size is huge – even the full poster size 5000×7100 wouldn’t cover it

So now might be a good time to get out your auto batch-resize process in Photosh…

"Platypus Diagram" featured in RB blog "What the Heck is a Platypus Anyway?"

Hello friends!

I got an awesome email this morning saying my design “Platypus Diagram” has been featured in the latest RB blog “What the Heck is a Platypus Anyway?”

As the very question suggests, platypuses (platypi?) are very confusing and bizarre creatures, which is exactly why I drew up an IKEA-style diagram to show you how to assemble one correctly.


Batch processing in Photoshop #1: Using Actions to Centre and Resize your designs

Redbubble releasing throw pillows and tote bags is great.

But what if you have lots of designs, and your poster versions don’t look quite right?

Thankfully Photoshop has some tools for processing lots of files at once.

In these semi-tutorial posts, I’m going to look at:
- Actions
- Trim
- Batch processing
- Image processor
- Export layers to files

Your designs are specific to you, so these processes may not work for you.
Even if they do, you’ll probably have to experiment and adjust them to suit your designs.

Furthermore, there’s always a proofing/checking stage – for each design to look great, it needs that human touch, and that’s not something you can automate! This is just about saving time and taking the legwork out of updating hundreds of your existing d…

Featured in RB Blog! Pterodactyl Delay Pedal

Here is a Redbubble blog that I am featured in!

I’m the first person to admit I’m not an artist. I can’t really draw and my designs only sell because they’re cute and silly, rather than any obvious skill.

So I’m VERY excited to be (finally?) featured in one of Redbubble’s blogs, Terror Takes Flight with this Collection of Pterodactyls. The design is Pterodactyl Delay Pedal, which came hot on the heels of the T-Rex Distortion Pedal. Both of them are based on the distinctive range of Boss guitar effects pedals.

I’ve seen RB artists’ awesome works in their regular emails and blogs and wondered, wistfully, if or when I would ever turn up in one. Part of me …

Recent sales, and moving to Melbourne

Hello from RB HQ city, Melbourne!

This is my first post in a long while, but don’t worry, I aten’t dead. Hopefully you’re seeing all the designs I’m putting up, nearly 800 now. They’re not all great but getting better all the time!

Sales are still far from enough to live on, but I am selling regularly, which I’m very grateful for.

For anyone who’s interested, last year was complicated for me.
- I left my beloved Wellington (NZ) in April
- Went to Bangkok for 3 weeks (an underrated city)
- Back to UK for 5 months to see friends and family
- Took a couple of travel tips to Europe (Switzerland! France! Poland! Slovakia! Budapest! Prague! And Germany for 10 minutes)
- Headed back to Thailand and Laos
- Spent December and Christmas in New Zealand again
- And…

Features, sales, and being lazy

Well, hello again. It’s certainly been a while – the last thing I wrote here was, ironically, about how I was starting to engage with the RB community. (That was 11 months ago.) Apologies for being away so long; there’s been a lot going on in my life around work, visas, music and more. It’s all very time-consuming.

Anyway, just an update to say hi and show off what’s been happening at camp JK in RB.

  • I’m creeping up towards 400 designs, which is good – many are duplicates or even, by my own admission, trashy and basic. But thankfully RB doesn’t have a limit on the number of works, and I’m happy to keep building my collection.
  • I’m regularly making a bunch of sales every month now. Yes, much of it is that damn honey badger, but there

Good stuff + making acquaintances

Good stuff. We like good stuff.

I have been meeting and exchanging pleasantries with people on Redbubble for the first time in any meaningful way, and it’s been wonderful. It is a sad fact that I have mostly (and only mostly, thankfully) been adding people to my watchlist due to their reasonable attitudes around recent furores, and not purely based on their works. But of course unsurprisingly, I have found all their work to be excellent anyway, such is the magic of Redbubble.

Here are a tiny few of some of my favourites which I’ve enjoyed recently – thanks to all the artists who have kindly let me link them here.

Rave-o-saurus by DinobotTees

my hope floats by Stephanie M. Wood


Still here (x2) + Pitchforks and torches

It’s been an eventful week. Let’s start with something good.

I recently passed 100 Tshirt designs. Sure, some of them are very similar – the I Love Dinosaurs designs all have duplicate versions in white and black – but I’ve had been quite a productive month or so. Sadly the ideas are still piling up, and I have been neglecting things like sleeping and eating…

Also good, I’m still here, as are all of you – the Rapture did not happen, and I managed to sell a few Rapture Tshirts which was nice. Of course even if it did happen, I’d still be here because I’m a dirty heathen, but I haven’t spotted any molten lava yet. (The volcano in Iceland doesn’t count.) So hurrah for the Notthepocalypse! Apparently we get another one in…

Rapture? End of the world? Grab a Tshirt.

Well, it’s 11am here in Wellington, and according to The Crazies in America we’re going to get hit by impending doom first. I’ve got about 7 hours before the biggest earthquake ever will shake everything in this time zone, before rolling round the world at 6pm everywhere; the chosen few will ascend into the sky to heaven, while the heathens will remain here on earth to face 5 months of fire, destruction, pain, torment, seas of blood and of course molten lava. It wouldn’t be the end times without molten lava.

So what’s the best thing to do in this situation? It’s obvious. Buy a Tshirt.