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Wellington, New Zealand

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Author, musician, international rogue!

Welcome to my profile for T-shirts and art.

For my music, books and more info, please visit my website and be a fan on Facebook. Go on!

  • Age: 31
  • Joined: September 2009


15 T-shirt designs with Very Different Meanings now Redbubble make DUVETS

Originally from my blog here / Redbubble have just brought out duvet covers, and it’s great – artists like me get an even bigger canvas for our awesome work, and people can buy amazing new designs to sleep in. / But when I resized some of my rather good 800ish designs on Redbubble, I noticed that a lot of designs – originally intended for T-shirts – have very different mea…
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I for one welcome our new Duvet Coverlords!

It’s barely a month since pillow cases were released, and now duvet covers are here. Good work Redbubble :) / No official announcement yet, but I’ve worked out the template is roughly 11500px tall and 13500px wide. That’s for the full King Size spread though, the “twin” (single?) is much smaller. / The question is, will they automatically apply files already uploaded…
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"Platypus Diagram" featured in RB blog "What the Heck is a Platypus Anyway?"

Hello friends! / I got an awesome email this morning saying my design “Platypus Diagram” has been featured in the latest RB blog “What the Heck is a Platypus Anyway?” / / As the very question suggests, platypuses (platypi?) are very confusing and bizarre creatures, which is exactly why I drew up an IKEA-style diagra…
Posted 5 months – 2 comments

Batch processing in Photoshop #1: Using Actions to Centre and Resize your designs

Redbubble releasing throw pillows and tote bags is great. / But what if you have lots of designs, and your poster versions don’t look quite right? / Thankfully Photoshop has some tools for processing lots of files at once. / In these semi-tutorial posts, I’m going to look at: / - Actions / - Trim / - Batch processing / - Image processor / - Export layers to files / Your designs are sp…
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