Would you like text added to any of the images you see here? Or perhaps you see an image that is just perfect, but it may hang on the wall better in a different colour. Would you like an image of something in particular? Just send off an email we can discuss your request. It is easy to personalize or customize your image to be a wonderful gift for family and friends or to treat yourself

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Tutorial ~ Tips on how to add links, size images, add email address, etc

A common question is how do I add my email to my profile page? How can I add product examples of what my iPod/iPhone case looks like beneath by art work imaage? Can I also add an example of clothing or a greeting card display or framed print sample? / INCLUDED at the bottom of this page is a handy chart from which you can copy and paste / The links provided below encompass not only text formatt…
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A heartfelt thank you to ***Stop and Smell the Roses*** group hosts!

Thank you for the selection as a featured work in the community group: *"STOP and Smell the Roses":* / “which is a group for all artists and all mediums and is devoted to the mesmerizing and peaceful rose”. / Light and romantic / A rose, enchanting and romantic / the rose, fragrant and endearing / A rose simply sa…
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THANK YOU for the feature at "Gimme Some Skin" !

Thank you you very much to the hosts at " Gimme Some Skin " for the feature!! Much appreciated… / !UNIVERSAL TRAILBLAZER / ? / Gimme Some Skin
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A big THANK YOU for the feature in Blooms (All Seasons Flowers)

Thank you so much to the hard-working hosts at Blooms (All Seasons Flowers) for featuring my photo for May, 2012!! / AFTERNOON TEA DELIGHT / Blooms (All Seasons Flowers) May 30th, 2012 / .
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