I am a painter, printmaker, and photographer based in Northern California. A New Jersey native, much of my work was conceived in New York and then produced on the West Coast.

I choose to focus on architecture, street scenes, and the human form. I let light and the negative space around an object define the composition – gravitating to subtle colors, earthy tones, and black and white hues to shape my subjects.

I get a great amount of joy from sharing my artwork and seeing others find value in my work. Thanks for visiting my gallery.

Born in New Jersey, USA. Mentors: Pavel Machotka, Ingeborg Gerdes, Lewis Watts, Norman Locks, and Zarina Hashmi.

My work can also be viewed at: www.jasonmichaels.com

I publish a blog about Studebaker automobiles: Studebaker Guide

I also provide tips about selling art on RedBubble.

Follow me on Twitter for thoughts on art, design, and life.

My gear:

- Canon EOS 60D SLR
- Kodak Polaroid Transfer
- Olympus Pen D
- Olympus XA
- Pentax Spot-O-Matic
- Argoflex Seventy-Five
- iPhones
- Fisher-Price Camera
and a bunch of old junk cameras that perform intermittently.

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The Gift of Art

A bit ago I ordered 12 postcards of this image for a friend that invited me to show my classic car, a 1950 Studebaker Champion Sedan, at the Sacramento International Auto Show. / This morning I gave my friend the postcards. He was overjoyed to see his car on “real” postcards. He exclaimed that the gift was “the nicest gesture that someone has made in some time.” He was so …
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How to Adjust Facebook 'Places' Privacy Settings

It’s “Update your Facebook Privacy Settings” time again. To disable friends from checking you into places, go to: / Account > Privacy Settings > Customize Settings > Things Others Share > “Friends can check me in to Places.” Choose your setting. Disable = disallow. / Also see “Places I check in” and “Include me in ‘People Here Now&…
Posted almost 5 years – 4 comments

It's Been a Long Time Since I Rock-and-rolled ...

I’ve become one of ‘those people.’ / You’re full-on for months and then you drop off the Bubble. People ping you and ask, “Where’d you go?” You have no good answer. More silence. However, getting lost in the web of news, gadgets, loves, interests and the wonder of everyday life means that old things look new again. / This is certainly the case for me and …
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Reading "Manhood for Amateurs"

Love this quote: / “Art, like fandom, asserts the possibility of fellowship in a world built entirely from the materials of solitude.” – Michael Chabon / Link to Michael Chabon’s website.
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