Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Jerry Stith and I’m a ballpoint pen artist for the past forty-one years. In the year 2000 I established an American folk art program called Ball Point Pen Art, Ballpoint Pen Art or Ballpointpenart. I did that by purchasing the domain names ballpointpenart.net, .com, org, and us. I actually invented the topic ballpoint pen art as a domain name plus started publishing sites, video’s, slide shows, message board post among other activities.

The inventor of the ballpoint pen was Mr. John J. Load a citizen of the United States, residing at Weymonth, in the county of Norfolk and Common Wealth of Massachusetts, patented the first ballpoint pen. The first patent on a ballpoint pen was issued on 30 October, 1888, to John J Loud, registration No. 392,046.

The pen had a rotating small steel ball bearing. As with modern ballpoint pens, the ball was held in place by a socket. It was fitted with a means for supplying heavy, sticky ink to the ball. The pen proved to be too coarse for letter writing, but it could be used to mark rough surfaces, especially leather.However, the patent was commercially unexploited and another ballpoint pen device was patented by Van Vechten Riesburg in 1916. The patent lapsed without improvement renewal.

Commercial models appeared in 1895, but the first satisfactory model of a ballpoint pen was designed by two Hungarian brothers living in Argentina: Lazlo, a journalist, and George Biro, a chemist. Lazlo noticed that the type of ink used in newspaper printing dried quickly, leaving the paper dry and smudge-free. He decided to create a pen using quick-drying ink instead of India ink. The thicker ink, though, would not flow from an ordinary pen nib and Biro had to devise a new type of point. Lazlo put a tiny metal ball bearing in the tip of a pen, the success of the ballpoint pen is due to the accuracy in which the ball is ground.

A ballpoint pen can produce three unique lines that no other pen system in history have ever done. A long flowing line, dark rich colors and the subtlest camera ready art line in history. Introducing those qualities, artists and their ballpoint pen ink drawings to the world is what my American folk art program has done before one billion others worldwide. Today, I have 6,740 drawings, 332 video’s completed by 1,000 ballpoint pen artists archived, documented, recorded and published and that is “News Worthy” or “Art History in the makings”!

The Bic Pen Company indicated that they along sold over one hundred billion ballpoint pens several years ago publicly. That makes me wonder how many ballpoint companies there are worldwide producing similar pens? It seems to me that a ballpoint pen is the greatest writing, drawing or carbon copy instrument in history. That indicates our Point Pen Art is the largest undeveloped art movement in history!

Billions of people throughout history have used a ballpoint pen yet none of their artworks are showing up in our worldwide galleries, museums, public buildings, publications or media. That Is why I Am publishing thousands of ballpoint pen drawings, illustrations, sketches, doodles, inklings, pictures or video’s by 800 International artists. Needless to say, I Am the greatest ballpoint pen publisher on the WWW or in history and I say, Let the Inks Flow plus Keep on Creating.

17 ballpoint pen virtues/ historic pen achievements

*Four thousand year pen and ink history!
*Most sold writing & art instrument in history!
*Largest undeveloped art movement in history!
*Longest flowing pen lines in history!
*Brightest colored pen inks in history!
*Subtlest camera-ready half tone lines in history!
*Only oil based pen ink in history!
*Strongest pen tips in history!
*Best carbon copy producer in history!
*Most reliable pen in history!
*Produces half tone lines from a full tone ink!
*Can use upside down!
*Works underwater!
*Operates in extreme hot or cold!
*Writes in outer space!
*Draws over grease!
*Is the easiest pen to use!

My achievements as a ballpoint pen artist and publisher over the past decade here on the Internet!

1. * Published 1,000 worldwide ballpoint pen artists
2. * Publishing 6,740 oil based ballpoint drawings
3. * Ballpoint videos 332
4. * Ballpoint inklings, scribbles, doodles, sketches, renderings, drawings & illustrations
5. * Ballpoint commercial ballpoint layouts
6. * Ballpoint animation art
7. * Ballpoint morphing
8. * Ballpoint slide shows
9. * Ballpoint blog
10. * Ballpoint sites
11. * Ballpoint digital art
12. * Ballpoint illustrations
13. * Ballpoint cartoon/Comic
14. * Ballpoint design/Interactive art
15. * Classical realism ballpoint art
16. * Impressionism ballpoint art
17. * Abstracts ballpoint art
18. * Multi-colored ballpoint art
19. * Mono ballpoint art
20. * Black & white ballpoint art
21. * Ballpoint Domain Names .net, .com, .org, .us
22. * ISO/DIN Archival Ink list
23. * Colored Pen and Refill list
24. * Steadfast Light test results
25. * Ballpoint Pen History information
26. * Ballpoint ink test results (steadfast)
27. * Ballpoint company list
28. * Ballpoint tips extra bold, bold, medium, fine, ultra-fine, extra-fine
29. * Ballpoint pen art statements (development & history)
30. * Archiving ballpoint pen artists (names)
31. * Archiving ballpoint pen artists statements
32. * Produced an American folk art program called: Ball Point Pen Art that is establishing the largest art movement in history, ballpoint pen art which is an extension of our Pen And Ink art movement that has been around four thousand plus years!
33. * Produced the largest pen & ink and ballpoint pen art sites on the Web
34. * Published 2,000 ballpoint pen images
35. * Framed my ballpoint pen pictures for display

Please keep in mind that Jerry Stith has published more ballpoint pen & ink drawings or artists than all others in history via the WWW.

Cheers, Jerry Stith

  • Joined: December 2009
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