PPM Issue 21 Official Release--8 Sept 2014

Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 21 is available for view and purchase.

Issue 21 weaves together a disparate collection of art and writing that give testimony to the universal spirit of woman. Whether we’re exploring the ways women define themselves and other women or the personal spaces women lose and find themselves, this issue takes readers into intimate spaces. In her gallery collection and interview, PPM’s newest feature artist, Susan Bergstrom, captures the essence and traditions of the women of the Rosebud Native American Reservation. The works of our essayist and selected mini-feature poets and artists offer unique perspectives that vary from self-discovery, to domestic and sexual violence, to an individual’s struggle to merge her identity with the spirits who’ve come …

Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 20--International Women's Day Release, 8 March 2014

Issue 20 is available for viewing just in time to honour International Women’s Day.

Issue 20 celebrates the voice within women’s heArt. The art and poetry in this edition explores the vital places within women where inspiration and individual testimony infuse creativity. It will leave you wondering what the next chapter of herSTORY is.

Lisa Murphy, PPM’s newest feature artist, invites us into her creative processes in this issue and reveals her points of inspiration in an exclusive interview and gallery collection.

Issue 20 includes a mini art feature that showcases the works of Kanchan Mahon and helen ruiz. For the first time, PPM is featuring a personal narrative essay, written by Joanne Carota, which has been illustrated with photos by Dara Hurt.


Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 19--8 Sept 2013 Release

Issue 19 is now available for viewing.

Issue 19 explores the darker parts of woman’s internal landscape in an attempt to tear the veil of the inner psyche and let some light in. Determination and perseverance play into this exploration and act as a unifying element in this issue.

Heather King, PPM’s newest feature artist, takes us through her creative processes in this issue and reveals her points of inspiration in an exclusive interview and gallery collection.

In her article “What Happened When I Started a Feminist Society at School,” high school student and feminist activist, Jinan Younis, shares her and her peers’ experiences when they gave voice to female inequality at the local level.

To view or purchase Issue 19, visit MagCloud at http://www.magcl

Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 18--December 2012 Release

PPM’s Issue 18 is a wrap just in time for the holidays.

One of Pink Panther Magazine’s visions is to see every woman connect with other women in order to glean from each other’s experiences and to draw upon the encouragement and support a sisterhood of shared interests can provide. The art, poetry, and articles selected for each issue cover a plethora of feminist experiences—most of which center on the individual woman and how she reacts, adapts, and navigates through her daily endeavors.

The common threads that bind the featured art and poetry of Issue 18 together center on this idea of the individual woman’s quest to find places to exist as her unique, individual self. The many faces of self-doubt and self-loathing, and how they influence self-perceptions, are another reoccurring…

Pink Panther Magazine--Issue 17

It’s always with great excitement each issue of the magazine is released for official publication. We had to sit on our excitement for a couple of weeks in order to coordinate with MagCloud’s 25% discount offer that runs through August 31st, making it an even better value this quarter.

Each issue of PPM celebrates feminist art and writing in renewed ways. Inside Issue 17 readers will be inspired by the art of survival and of self-discovery, encouraged with tools for stopping domestic violence, challenged to reassess the multimedia madness that surrounds what defines beauty, and enlightened on ways of discovering women’s empowerment. PPM hopes you will enjoy and be encouraged by the diversity of art and writing that fills our pages.

You can read the magazine online HERE. Or yo…

Pink Panther Magazine--Issue 16 Is Here

Issue 16 Official Release

As always, this newest edition of PPM is filled with art, poetry, and writing that dares to explore the many realms of feminist experience. You can read the full screen version of the magazine HERE. Or you can buy a printed copy or digital download of the magazine HERE. There is a 25% off sale if you buy the magazine before 13 May.

Please help to circulate the magazine by adding it to your journals, facebook, twitter and anywhere else you can think of. Thank you for your loyal and continued support.

We hope you will love it!!

Anna, Jenifer, virgosun, Sybille, and Helen.

Pink Panther Magazine--Issue 15 Is Here

Pink Panther Magazine: Issue 15

Issue 15 is finally here! This fabulous edition is filled with exquisite and evocative art, writing, and articles by our talented members and editorial team.

PPM has decided to release publication early this month as MagCloud is offering 25% off the purchase price at the moment. To purchase a copy, please visit Magcloud. Or, if you would like to read the magazine online without making a purchase, please visit Calameo.

PPM welcomes your feedback. Let us know what you think.

Anna, Jenifer, virgosun, Helen and Sybille

Pink Panther Magazine--Issue 14, Released 1 November 2011

PPM’s Issue 14 is now available for purchase. Follow the links below to check out and/or purchase this issue filled with an extraordinary collection of art and writing that inspires. On behalf of Team Panther it was my pleasure to prepare and present this issue. I hope the pages come alive for you as they have for me. ~Jenifer DeBellis

The entire collection of previous publications can be viewed here.

Pink Panther Magazine -- Issue 13

This month, Pink Panther takes a journey of exploration as our artists peel back layers and venture into a vast realm that is barely understood and seldom examined – the extraordinary world of consciousness within us all. How our emotions shape us, the rushes of raw emotion we feel, and how we react to those forces. It is a personal journey, yet one we all take, with landmarks we can all empathise with.

You can read, download or buy the printed magazine by clicking on the cover image or on the link to MagCloud.

To preview Issue 13 with active hyperlinks go to Calameo.

None of this would be possible without the hard work of the entire editorial team I have the privilege of working with: Anna Shaw, virgosun, Sybille Sterk, and Helen Bascom. Thanks to their heart for this cause this magazine…

Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 12 -- Now Available

You can read the magazine online HERE. And you can buy a printed copy of the magazine directly from MagCloud.

The central theme of PPM’s Issue Twelve is Emerging and Becoming. The masks are coming off within the safety of the sisterhood as our self-awareness is heightened. This issue is packed with imaginative art and poetry, as well as insightful articles surrounding the heated topic of the exploitation of children in art and media and a behind-the-scenes look at the growing cattiness amongst women.

This issue wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of the entire editorial team, who put in countless hours to make each issue possible, as well as all the PPM members who share their work and hearts in our wonderful Redbubble forum. Thank you!

We all hope you enjoy Issue