Pink Panther Magazine--Issue 14, Released 1 November 2011

PPM’s Issue 14 is now available for purchase. Follow the links below to check out and/or purchase this issue filled with an extraordinary collection of art and writing that inspires. On behalf of Team Panther it was my pleasure to prepare and present this issue. I hope the pages come alive for you as they have for me. ~Jenifer DeBellis

The entire collection of previous publications can be viewed here.
Woman’s journey is one of personal growth, exploration, and pushing through the mists of the unknown. Somewhere beyond the veil’s limits is a world full of challenges and choices that woman must face. The experiences that await her are filled with joy, trials, and even hardships—all with their own variations of life lessons. And as she lives, loves and learns, she will overcome vanities, as well as endless disappointments and triumphs in order to build strength. Throughout life, most women will arrive at a place where they have to put their own needs into storage—even at peril of losing touch with them indefinitely. Recovering and rediscovering these lost or displaced parts add a whole other dimension to each woman’s life journey.

Pink Panther Magazine—Issue 14

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Preview only version can be found at Calameo.


  • abigcat
    abigcatover 2 years ago

    Great stuff, will return later to read :-))

  • Assembling an entire issue was awe-inspiring, humbling, and trying all wrapped under the same giant red bow. I survived! Hope you enjoy the issue and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the issue as a whole. :) xox

    – Jenifer DeBellis

  • RhythmImpulse
    RhythmImpulseover 2 years ago


  • :))) See what inspiration and obedience earn? I loved that I was able to include you in the issue I officially designed and assembled. <3

    – Jenifer DeBellis

  • Mariska
    Mariskaover 2 years ago

    I feel so honoured to be featured and I am bowled over to have the cover art for your beautiful magazine! It is amazing ! I deeply touched to read your gorgeous words, you’ve done a great job.
    Many many thanks Jenifer and Anna, it is fantastic! What an incredible display of art…..and artist.
    Congratulations girls! A fine publication.
    Thank you again for this amazing experience. A huge hugs from me…

  • Mariska, if you only knew how we celebrated when I mentioned using that image as our cover. Those who saw my editor’s copy raved about what a brilliant choice that image was and how it looked like a larger professional publication, which of course filled me with overflowing pride. Thank you for allowing us into your magical world of artistry and giving us such amazing art to work with. I’m so happy that you’ve been touched and honoured by all of it. :))) xox

    – Jenifer DeBellis