Introducing leggings. You’ll never run out of inspiration.

There’s a fire to feed, and only words will quench its thirst. The fire’s in us all; it burns at the pit of our souls—longing to play with the wonderful puzzle of a good poem. This is where my passion sparks. I find words in everything and I breathe life into them. Even the dirt has words: words that have fallen onto it, words that have been carved into it, words that have been swept away with the autumn wind. We all have a duty to mankind: mine is to walk the shores of the spirit and collect the lost words that must be fashioned into poetry.

Art that tells me a story without using words moves my spirit most. I crave words that are metaphorically embedded with deep meaning and symbolism. I love to be moved, to move, and when both worlds collide, I relish in the euphoria. This said: I’m passionate about writing—it’s the best form of therapy. I also love reading interesting writing and getting to know the mastermind behind the art. Enjoyment of the endorphin rush after a good run is as important to my well-being as are the physical benefits. If I can’t reuse it, I’ll reinvent it. Listening to great music is my escape. I don’t know how to tell the short version of anything or how to love in partial form. Loyalty is my strongest virtue (or largest fault, depending on the measure of judgment used). And I need to be around people who sincerely care about me; breathing has no meaning to me without them.

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PPM Issue 21 Official Release--8 Sept 2014

Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 21 is available for view and purchase. / INSIDE ISSUE 21 / Issue 21 weaves together a disparate collection of art and writing that give testimony to the universal spirit of woman. Whether we’re exploring the ways women define themselves and other women or the personal spaces women lose and find themselves, this issue takes readers into intimate spaces. In her gallery …
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Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 20--International Women's Day Release, 8 March 2014

Issue 20 is available for viewing just in time to honour International Women’s Day. / INSIDE ISSUE 20 / Issue 20 celebrates the voice within women’s heArt. The art and poetry in this edition explores the vital places within women where inspiration and individual testimony infuse creativity. It will leave you wondering what the next chapter of herSTORY is. / Lisa Murphy, PPM’s newest feature…
Posted 12 months – Leave a comment

Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 19--8 Sept 2013 Release

Issue 19 is now available for viewing. / INSIDE ISSUE 19 / Issue 19 explores the darker parts of woman’s internal landscape in an attempt to tear the veil of the inner psyche and let some light in. Determination and perseverance play into this exploration and act as a unifying element in this issue. / Heather King, PPM’s newest feature artist, takes us through her creative processes in this issue…
Posted over 1 year – 13 comments

Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 18--December 2012 Release

PPM’s Issue 18 is a wrap just in time for the holidays. / One of Pink Panther Magazine’s visions is to see every woman connect with other women in order to glean from each other’s experiences and to draw upon the encouragement and support a sisterhood of shared interests can provide. The art, poetry, and articles selected for each issue cover a plethora of feminist experiences—most of which…
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