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mm, a journey of a journal I think!

This is a nice feature of this site now, is it not!!!?? Well, it is nice to pop a bit more stuff up on the site, and how I do hope some of it gets sold. As time goes by, I realise more and more that the world is full of so many wonderfully talented people, and this is such a great thing! If we are in a position to produce art, then we are so, so, lucky…. indeed. Some people can barely survive. Loads of people are wonderfully creative and do not have the means to carry out what is in their heart. If what I do gives pleasure for one moment, then I am happy. If someone buys it, then of course I am even more happy. But whatever happens, I am grateful, because I know that what I take for granted, really is something that is a real gift. As long as I am giving it out, then I hope, with time, the creativity will grow, and grow into something more to be thankful for. Thought for the day!!

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