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this world requires that its women wear many hats, optimally: wife, mother, lover, feminist, damsel in distress and whore. we’re to be soft and tender, mild and meek, yet when we are called upon to pass a human being through our most sacred place, we are met with demands to stay strong, to be tough, to be a warrior. we are taught from a young age to take cues from our lovers and echo their pleasure; very rarely are we told to search for our own. we are born conforming.

always when we conform, pieces become lost.

we can only give our entire selves to that which nurtures our spirit and causes our souls to soar. only in that capacity can we truly be good to and for others.

today, i celebrate the me i have become. i embrace my flaws, i am quietly respectful of the unsavory experiences that pepper my past, for they are what have shaped my present whole.

i am an artist because i am also a survivalist.

jennifer summer resides in cincinnati, ohio with her husband, daniel, their four year-old son, dakota, and their golden retriever, maxwell. jennifer also has a local photography business and is currently at work on her first collection of photographs and prose.

  • Age: 37
  • Joined: May 2009