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Winged Migration

I would not normally promote a TV show, but I saw one tonight that is truly an inspiration – especially for photographers and videographers. “Winged Migration” on Discovery HD Theater – see link: http://dhd.discovery.com/search/results.html?qu...

Their Description: “For 80 million years, birds have ruled the skies, seas and earth. Each spring, they fly vast distances and each fall, they fly the same route back. Follow this amazing odyssey over the course of four years.”

I’m lucky enough to have a HDTV and throughout the 120 minute show I was saying out loud, “I wish I were there with a camera!!” Every shot was amazing. They said in the beginning of the show that nothing had been digitally altered – everything was shown as originally shot. Areas from around the world, including North & South America, Europe, Greenland, Asia, the Poles, Tropics, etc., were shown as these birds migrated. It was simply stunning. I even saw something that blew me away – Canadian Geese in New Mexico drinking dripping water from an old truck in the desert and nearly trampled by galloping mustangs – I nearly fell over (here in NY we see these Geese every Spring & Fall). If you have access to this channel, I encourage you to watch it – it’s actually TV worth your time, amazing!

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  • Bonnie T.  Barry