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I won’t repost the new biog in my profile, but will add to it here. / The women I mention in my biog cannot for obvious reasons pose for me, so when I paint, I paint memories and composites and it’s not their faces I paint. What comes to me, albeit unconsciously until now, is their indomitable spirit and bravery. Set beside their vulnerability that was a beautiful thing to behold. Eve…
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Rok Chik Stars

Sometimes you just have to do something for fun. Rok Chik Stars is just that. I had a ball making these – trendy teen gear, cute girls, music themed backgrounds, and just fooling around sketching, and painting. / Teenagers are great at expressing their rejection of all things adult, especially through fashion and music. One way or another it’s a form of self-expression we all get to w…
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I haven’t been on RB for a while, so today while I was reorganising my profile and resorting thumbnails, I revisited the pics I have ‘fav-ed’ over time. / Sometimes that can be embarrassing. You know the kind of thing "What the heck possessed me to fav that? Well there wasn’t one I didn’t still enjoy. Please feel free to have a browse. / There are so many talent…
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SIGNS, SYMBOLS & PORTENTial DISASTER *with thanks to Pink Panther*

For as long as I can remember, with the exception of portraits, I have drawn symbolically. I just didn’t realise that’s what I was doing when I was young. / I would draw for hours, shrug and walk off wondering what on earth made me draw that. When I returned to it very often the things I saw surprised me. I didn’t come from an artistic family so my drawings were usually consider…
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