Disapointment and Sadness

Not to be so glum, but the doom of gloom that I will never be able to recover lost resolution on several of my better outdoor and abstract works is reality. It is shame, this would have saved me oodles of time on several projects. I don’t like to recycle works, but when something is good and say fits a poem or pieces of writing well damn it I want it.
I am sure there is some form of ramification or something out there, but I think that is a little out of my budget. Of course I could just go and retake some shots, maybe I"ll even end up with better ones. Just makes me sad and want scream out that knot in my throat. Life is unfair, but really after there computers previous trashed and ruined, it just seems ridiculous to loose all this imagery. It will always be just so, so quality.
sniffle Anyone want to led me there technical knowledge I might be able to remedy it, I would be indebted. But then again this gives me an excuse to take more photos.
sigh Enough Whining for now.


  • Stephanie Rachel Seely
    Stephanie Rach...over 6 years ago

    Hey there, I don’t know much about data recovery, but I definitely think all artists should make backups of their work, either in an external harddrive or simply on discs. That’s what I do. I think I’d die if I lost my art and writing. Hopefully someone can help you out, but my advice would be to start backing everything up so it doesn’t happen again. :D

  • Jenebraska
    Jenebraskaover 6 years ago

    Oh I back up my work, which reminds me I need to do that. The last crash was diaster though, seems the burning program had errors in it and corrupted photo, image after image, I figure I lost about two years of work in that crash. sigh Still any other help or suggestions are welcome. Thank you for the support.