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no comment!!

Has anyone else discovered they are unable to leave comments on other members’ photos?!?

I wanted to say how much I loved the latest great shot, but found there was no facility for comments at all…it simply came up with the favourite, share etc options, as well as ordering info!!!

Just wondering if it’s something wrong at my end, so I’d be really interested to hear if anyone else is experiencing this before I go any further.

Thanks heaps



2 wins, a voucher, and 5 top 10s!!

I don’t usually post my results in group challenges. In fact I’m sure I haven’t.
But this time I can’t resist as I’ve just found out I’ve won a challenge, my second win in the space of one week!!!!
Thank you to the moderators and members of Abstract Lines and Statues and Stuff

I’m utterly stunned, amazed, and rapt. And all this on top of five top ten placings in challenges within the past few weeks. What a wonderful welcome back to the bubble!!!
Think I might stay a while!!!

Oh and thank you heaps to everyone who voted for me/my images!!!
I could quip that your cheques are in the mail (payment for voting)…but I don’t know who you are.
So, if you’re reading this, please consider yourself thanked.


It just gets better and better. U…

I'm blown away!

Just checked a challenge and found out I WON!
I ALWAYS CHECK TO LOOK AT THE TOP TEN SHOTS AND PARTICULARLY THE WINNERS…but the last thing I expected to find was my image in the winner’s spot!!

Oh, and I just found out that the winner gets an $20 RB voucher!! :O How good is that?
:D :D

Thank you very much to all the wonderful and kind people who voted for light one candle

: )


I had no sooner uploaded my latest photo, ’underground press’, submitted it to groups and gone to public view, than it was featured before I even got there!
Upon opening the public view I found my first comment telling me it had been featured.

Thank you Rhonda Chatelle and hosts of Mysteries of the Common for this rapid honour. I was and still am totally and utterly blown away.

and as Mysteries of the Common doesn’t accept journal entries, can someone please pass on my thanks to the hosts…thank you!

Jan………….. :D

: )

Advice needed! How much should I charge?

I have been asked if one of my images Stillness speaks can be used by a charitable organisation on one of their prayer cards. Not only will they credit me, but wish to pay me and have asked how much!!
I have no idea and don’t know the circulation or print run.

Given the purpose of the card and organisation, let alone that I may wish to attract further business from them, HOW MUCH SHOULD I ASK FOR?
I’ve never done this before, so need all the help and advice from you that I can get!

Thank you so much.

HELP! I'm stranded...!

Help!!! I’m stranded in a desert of the metaphorical internet connectivity variety.

Since moving three weeks ago today, I have had to survive on a meagre diet of basic bubble rations rather than pigging out 24/7 and indulging in my addiction. :( :( :"(

Yesterday I thought we would have two experts come in and fix our internet challenges, but alas, they spent all day achieving very little. Until security is put in place, and some new equipment acquired, set up and connected, then the full rations will not be reinstated and my diet will remain in force.

So when will I emerge from the other side of this desert you may ask? Well, even if you don’t I do. In fact I shout it, demanding answers and instantaneous miracles.
But I am greeted by silence.

Then a muttered ‘mayb…

Sold my first ever laminated print!! :O

Last night I uploaded a photo and woke this morning to discover I’d sold a laminated print of it!

Not only is this a first for me, but to do so in such a short amount of time simply floored me. So I’m afraid I couldn’t keep this to myself!!!

Thank you so much Vicki for buying it!!


I don’t think I’ve ever done this before cos I have never won before ~ at least not for a photo or art.
But I am uttlery blown away, stunned, shocked and surprised that my conte sketch of a cross just won the July Group Avatar Challenge in For the Love of Jesus ! :O

This is amazing and so very humbling for my hands were merely the hands that held the pastel. I think ‘another’ did the drawing!
Then to be added as the new featured member in such an amazing and special group!

To say I am honoured and humbled just doesn’t give voice to my feelings.


And as footnote we are flying to London tomorrow and will be away for three weeks…I’ll miss you all, but just wa…

Help and advice please


I’ve just received a bubblemail from someone, as below, and I’m not sure what I should do.
Should I answer, report, ignore??

Hello my name is Johnny and I am very interested in a piece of your art. I would like a digital image of the picture “sunset on water”. I am looking at taking your art and getting it printed on a large canvas so i need a high resolution image. I own several salons in Ontario canada and I want to display your art. I am sure you will get lots of exposure!!! How much will it cost to just get the file?? This needs to be done ASAP so please drop me an email at Letme know as soon as possible!! Thanks a million

Any ideas or thoughts would be most gratefully received!!!



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