Thank you for my Christmas present!!!

I received a lovely early Christmas present today when a wonderful bubbler friend, Bonnie Taylor Barrie bought a card of I am the Bread of Life as a thank you for this year and to wish me a Merry Christ-mas!

I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful, caring, supportive and giving friend here on RB, from across the other side of the Pacific and almost the other side of the States!!

Thank you more than I can say Bonnie. I hope and pray you have a truly blessed Christmas with your family and with_out_ hurricanes!!! (yes, I know…you don’t get them in Winter…)

And thank you to all my wonderful bubbler friends. You have given more to me this year than I can say in the space available! lol!


Jan xxxO

: )


I got a sort of strange Red Bubble message about buyer’s booth being featured on the home page, and didn’t quite get it. I thought it was always on there.
But in the end I decided to investigate and couldn’t believe my eyes…

_My buyer’s booth photo of the three calendars I ordered is actually there as one of half a dozen or so other shots!!!!!!!_

So thank you to the wonderful people, my lovely friends for leaving such positive and enthusiastic comments too. I have no doubt that your enthusiasm and supportive words contributed, at the very least to them choosing to put this on the home page….
Your words ‘sell’ the calendars better than any spiel they could write!!!!

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it…..


I just h…

Does anyone know how to add photos to buyer's booth?


I received my very first order from RB this afternoon and I’m absolutely gobsmackingly rapt!!!! ( i hope that’s just enthusiastic and not impolite)
So I madly took photos of pretty much everything I ordered and now I want to put them in buyers photo booth, but I have no idea how to do that!!!



Yesterday was an exceptional day and I just want to share it with you by way of thanking the people/groups/hosts responsible for the stunned look which changed as a silly grin spread across my face.
I came onto RB only to find, to my shock and amazement, largely from congratulations I’d received on a couple of my works, that I had suddenly had 4 FEATURED WORKS AND HAD BECOME A FEATURED MEMBER ACROSS THREE GROUPS!!!

I literally could not believe it…It seemed that each time I opened a bubblemail or a comment on one of my works, another piece of the puzzle was revealed.

And to top it all off, it is the first time a piece of my writing has been featured!!
Indeed, three pieces:
Eerie Afternoon a written piece to accompany the photo, also featured,
eerie afternoon and finally, a piece o…


I’ve just received an absolutely gobsmacking bubble mail to tell me that one of my shots posted in the last day or so, ‘ladybird, ladybird, fly away home’ has actually been selected as this week’s avatar for the Bits and Pieces Group!!!

Don’t ask me how this has happened, as I thought you usually had to enter challenges for this.

Talk about being shoved headfirst out of your comfort zone…and this seems to keep happening. But I sort of don’t want to get comfortable, cos then I won’t be grateful and accept such encouragement humbly or acknowledge the generosity of others.

But I’m so thankful to the wonderful moderators/hosts of this group for humbling me so.

FEATURED MEMBER!!!? What the...?

I can’t quite believe it.
No. Strike that.
I totally can’t believe what I’ve just read in a private bubble mail, a group bubble mail and then seen with my own disbelieving eyes!


Just as I’m sort of getting used to having my photos and even writing featured in different groups, I get thrown completely by this massive (for me) and humbling honour of being chosen as a featured member of a group!!!!!

I have no idea how this has happened, but just had to shout it from the rooftops, somehow.

Maybe if I write it and say it and hear it echoing back at me enough I’ll actually begin the believe it?


: )

YAY!!! joy then...HELP!!! my macro won't work!!!!


Yesterday I pick up my first ever large cutsom sized prints in readiness for my very first ever mini display/exhibition…almost all of which are macro shots.

Sheer elation! I couldn’t believe how amazingy and stunning they looked when I opened the huge envelope athte shop…and the sales girl gasped in awe and commented that she thought they were stunning.
And I know she’s a photographer and dispalys and sells her work!!!

My family were altogether for our eldest son’s birthday last night and I showed them the rpints. Everyone was rapt and raved. They were all surprised to hear about the display though and asked me heaps of questions about when and where etc…

So, I came home today on an absolute high and ntoiced it had been raining. THere were absol…

photos are one thing...but writing!!!???

I just had to share my excitement and stunned amazement!!

I’ve just found out that a piece of my writing has actually been featured in a group!!!! Photos, artworks ~ yes ~ even though that is just incredible, humbling and wonderfully kind, but writing????

This simply blows me away and I can’t quite believe it; there are so many awesome writers on here, I never even vaguely for a millisecond put myself even close the any of them.

Oh, I didn’t say what piece has been elevated to these lofty heights! lol!

It’s Into the Candle Flame in Bits and Pieces

And as this writing was inspired by one of spiritinme’s pieces, this makes it that much more special!

Oh, and don’t wave a feather near me ~ please!

what cost the shot? A KAIROS moment missed...

I was sitting tonight refelcting on this, which is I imagine true for many of us who are one eyed and mad about capturing the perfect moment, the perfect shot, the second, the instant, the light etc….

You may wonder why) my mind was going off on such a strange tangent.

Well, late this afternoon, around 5.15, 5.20, I was outside and suddenly noticed the most amazing lighting effect as the waning sun shone through a nearby high window. So I raced inside, grabbed my camera (which was sitting on my collapsed tripod from earlier in the day), and went out to take a shot.

So intent was I on capturing the light, I looked up as I was going out the door to see if it was still there (I think) and missed the step.
So, down I fell, crashing rather hard and twisting my ankle at a very strange ang…


I don’t know how this happens, but _some_how both “softly softly” and “I’ve got my eye on you” have been featured in two different groups.

“softly softly” in The Word Tree and “I’ve got my eye on you” in All Things Poetic, Prose, Philosophical.

A they’re both writing groups, in a way, I’m even more perplexed.

It is all mystery to me how this happens, but its kinda cool and certainly flattering, humbling, and overwhelming.


Hi! I'm b a a ck! : )

Just thought I’d announce my return!

After nearly a week with my mum it’s wonderful to be home, and to find my computer all mended.

I took advantage of the need to set it in place again, re-connect etc. to clean away the piles of photos for scanning, printed tips and hints, instructions and how-to’s for RB and Photoshop.

But I must say its great to be back on RB and I look forward to catching up with the stacks of bubblemails, ‘new’ uploads from all of you and generally getting back into the swing of things. I’ve missed you all.

see you soon!


: )

Gotta go...I'll miss you all! _WARNING!!!_ *this is long!*

Just a rather egostistical journal entry to let you know two things.
Firstly, I am going to be heading up to Canberra to spend about a week with my mum.
She’s out of hospital now after her stroke, but in need of care, feeding and chauffering to Dr’s appointments etc. A little company and help with minor tasks will also help her
To use her words to me tonight, (after her first whole day of freedom!), she still feels ‘a bit fragile’, and spent most of the day lying down on the couch.

For a vibrant, energetic and previously healthy 84 year old this is quite a change. It is obvious her stroke has affected her more than physically. I think its really knowcked her confidence too.

The fact that she’s had a couple of little few minute long ‘episodes’ since …

I'm stunned!!! Featured!!!

I’m stunned!
submerge emerged has just been featured in stillness speaks.
Whenever I find one of my shots has been featured in a group I am simply stunned, blown away, amazed, shocked and totally utterly lost for words. lol!
But in all seriousness, it is so incredibly humbling to receive such recognition and appreciation from complete strangers, out of the blue.
I can’t quite believe it, but am so very thankful.

So, thank you mods!

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