HELP! I'm stranded...!

Help!!! I’m stranded in a desert of the metaphorical internet connectivity variety.

Since moving three weeks ago today, I have had to survive on a meagre diet of basic bubble rations rather than pigging out 24/7 and indulging in my addiction. :( :( :"(

Yesterday I thought we would have two experts come in and fix our internet challenges, but alas, they spent all day achieving very little. Until security is put in place, and some new equipment acquired, set up and connected, then the full rations will not be reinstated and my diet will remain in force.

So when will I emerge from the other side of this desert you may ask? Well, even if you don’t I do. In fact I shout it, demanding answers and instantaneous miracles.
But I am greeted by silence.

Then a muttered ‘maybe three weeks’ and ’I’m sorry, but you’ll have to be patient.’

And my heart sinks as I console myself with another helping of rations.

You will know when I have reached the land of milk and honey on the other side of this seemingly endless sandscape. I’ll be pestering you and constantly in your faces, barraging you with an accumulation of visual and hopefully written works, (although the latter may be rather angst filled!!)
That, and you will hear a huge cheer as I joyfully, fully rejoin this great community.

See you more soon….she says with crossed fingers, toes, and tapping the nearst piece of wood. Oh and a few prayers thrown in for good measure!


: )


  • picketty
    pickettyover 5 years ago

    ah all that time on your hands…now how will you spend it? Getting to know the new real flesh and blood neighbours maybe?

  • nah!!! THey’re hardly ever here. THey all go to work, so the only time I see them is as they head home at the end of the day or on weekends. And we’re usually out then meeting people in various churches…(now married to a brand new purple person…a.k.a. a bishop)…but I’m using my time productively on the computer by taking photos and then photoshopping them etc. Also experiementing with some more (for me) advanced editting tools and working in layers etc.
    So by the time I can get online properly, I’ll have a huge accumulative queue of shots waiting to see the light of day and bathe in the red light that emanates from the bubble!!

    Oh, and I’m also fitting that in around numerous jobs that have to be done post move. BUt I’m working through that list fairly well.
    So nioce to talk to you again though. So thanks heaps my friend. I hope you are well now. Last time we spoke you weren’t in top form..xxxx

    : )

    – Jan Stead JEMproductions

  • ©FoxfireGallery / FloorOne Photography
    ©FoxfireGaller...over 5 years ago

    IT support people are like plumbers and builders, they are full of in-takes-of-breath and mutterings of banter, making us feel inadequate, helpless and in the end totally reliable upon their skills.

    Software engineers, blame any PC failure on the hardware and the hardware support people blame it on software, balah blah.

    Well one day I had enough of all the blah blah and waffle waffle and I signed up on becoming an IT support qualified engineer. Even took an exam A+ and now I understand what they are telling me, if it is just excuses or a real problem, more important “this Girl can do it herself”….yeah – girl power. :) :)

    Well I hope you will soon see an oasis in the desert you find yourself and no more fata morgana’s :) :) :)

  • Bev Woodman
    Bev Woodmanover 5 years ago

    Jan you’ll have to sneak down to the library or internet cafe to get your ‘hit’ and satisfy your addiction! while waiting for the IT gurus to weave their magic. At least you have been experimenting with photoshop and taking heaps of images – I’ll have to pull my sleeping bag up to the screen to sift through them all when you get back on-line! Now stay calm, take a deep breath, count to ten and then start muttering – it may help! Hugs♥♥♥

  • jell
    jellover 5 years ago

    You’re on HOLIDAY i guess enjoy come back when you can. Miss you

  • Vicki Hancock
    Vicki Hancockover 5 years ago

    Jan how I miss you and your banter, now instead of face to face I will get my hit on redbubble. Can just imagine the uploading that will go on and I’ll bet there will be system overload in Dubbo. Hugs down the temporary computer line. vicki

  • GailD
    GailDover 5 years ago

    I hate diets… At least there is still photography & Photoshop. So it’s not total starvation.
    We’ll see you soon.
    Keep pestering the IT people.

  • Marion Chapman
    Marion Chapmanover 5 years ago

    look forward to your online 24/7 presence! lol!