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thoughts, reflections & musings

solace The burden bearer
 / is my solace
 / comforter
 / helper
 / guide
 / the rock on which I stand
 / in whom I can confide I am That Blind Man: One Woman’s Story [Part III] I loved and enjoyed both my grandparents. / Grandpa was quite an eccentric, small wiry man, with a fierce intellect and curiosity. Crystal Clear crystal clear aqua blue / in all its shades and hues / spray of the crashing wave, / the ocean, the beach, / the distant sea… / such a de… And God sings and time stops / just for this moment / the world freezes / wind is stilled / silence reigns little boy climbing little boy climbing high in a tree / little boy smiling down at me / “I’ve got a secret!” / he said, said he / little boy sitting high in a… Looking into the depths looking into the depths / of the water / reflections rippling / in the sun / I stare, mesmerized / recalling times / long since gone Be at Peace can you hear it? / the whisper of peace / the hush of silence / be at peace. into the candle flame I look / into the candle / flame and see / such peace / such joy / serenity / and clarity I am that Blind Man: One Woman’s Story (Par… One day I watched as dad chopped off the head of a lovely white chook, which then ran around the yard, headless, in protest. That was the … You’re Always There With Me You’re always there with me / Reach out your hand when I am down / You lift me in your arms / Carry me when I can’t walk behind the scenes behind the scenes / the unseen / the hidden / the unknown A New Day Dawns Breathtaking / Spellbinding / Majestic Glory / Such is the beginning of the new day Squares and Stairs Squares and stairs / angles and bears / Whenever I walk down the street / I’m ever so careful who I meet choose life! grieving / back to the known / familiar / morning ritual / cup of tea big storm is coming! crop shimmers and shakes / a storm is brewing At end of day… twilight comes / daylight fades / slowly / creeping / across the landscape / in an ever flowing / unfolding wave You Are Worthy You are worthy / Oh my child / You are loved I wish it could last but blink and / you miss it / pause and / its past Peace be still Peace be still and know that I am God….. And the track keeps going on………… regret… / turn back? / but no… / I can’t / like to a magnet / I am drawn The Beauty of Creation The beauty of Creation / reflected in the Master’s hand / call Him Mother Nature / He doesn’t mind, / He understands out of darkness darkness…. / there was nothing / but darkness / nothing…. / but silence The Love of God Shone Down The love of God shone down / Everywhere around / Shepherds stood in awe Jesus Eyes by Jan Stead JEMproductions mocked and ridiculed mocked and ridiculed / taunted and teased / draped in purple / a crown of thorns / pierced his skin This is me ~ who am I? This is me / This is who I am ~ / and who I am to become / But who am I to become? / I do not know The Ghosts of Gilderoy The ghosts of Gilderoy come galloping by / with swift and deadly moves / horses mounted and guns slung over / their saddles they ride strai… Eerie Afternoon fierce winds / roar / dust descends / until the eerie / afternoon / ends Urban Oasis amidst the urban / insanity / rushing, working / deadlines and such We live again new day / new dawn / new life / given Through the gate I go I hear a shout / a whip cracking call / “Get on with it / and build this bloody wall! / Stop loafing around / you’re on the king’s time / … what can I say? So now, through these dark times / I pray that you will find / Glimmers of hope, / Slivers of joy / And a peace beyond human minds Heads lifted heavenward Heads lifted heavenward / shouting his name / trumpeting his glory / in flames of love it came Shall We Meet? petals purple / petals sweet / petals soft / shall we meet? / ’neath the boughs / at end of day / as twilight beckons / and sunlight … ‘The Bridge’ it disappears / into the distance, / a vanishing end / never seen / as though it never was / never will be / has been / or is it to somewh… Mystical Green Mythical, / magical, / mystical green / shrouded in mist Jesus’ Fingerprints Jesus fingerprints remain / Etched in every cup he gave / Blood he shed / Debt wiped clean / His finger print still stays with me / His fin… angels’ wings the spirit / fills / spills over / around and within / as the symphony sings rain drops raindrop laden / it drips silently… / precious moisture / for the thirsty soil Peter Pan a.k.a. Grandpa Children from all over Murwillumbah were drawn like the mice by the pied piper to Grandpa’s treasure trove of a workshop… mother and son ~ on the doorstep Standing / looking / forlorn and alone / watching as the car / his family / his childhood / drove off into the darkening streetscape One in a million I’m only one of the millions / worth little / or nothing / not even a cog / in the wheel / of the world / as it turns Such Love Beyond My Understanding Sometimes / Jesus overwhelms me / Sometimes / God takes my breath away… As night steals away As night steals away / and dawn slowly creeps alone, afraid, crying in the night Alone / Afraid / Crying in the night / Or is it early morn / Not long before dawn / Can’t see / Can’t tell / Don’t care a firmer hold you couldn’t / leave a thumbprint / at the scene of a crime / for police to find / you I am that Blind Man too…One Woman’s S… In the beginning there was a baby and the baby was with God…Earliest memories of my childhood are of joyous carefree days of sunshine… From our weakness to your strength From our weakness to your strength / From our despair to your hope “GRANDMA…” Grandma. I think, / I type the word and I see her, / I feel her now. / she was feeling – love. / Grandma equalled love. Look Look / look into the eyes of Jesus / the dying Christ / as he hangs on the cross / Have you ever looked into those eyes / those loving / co… old and rusty old and rusty / cobweb gathering / it stands / wrung round with wire / old and tired / barbed and worn / by the years passed by I am that Blind Man: One Woman’s Story (Par… From then on things became a blur of confusion. Even more than before. Everything and everyone moved ever faster. And I was just carried …