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Joined February 2007

A Jill off all trades and always keeping my fingers sticky in many, many pies…. this is one!


OK We have a weiner!!!

Wow, this is a really hard thing to decide. There is a winner, but it was extremely close for a while there!

So drumroll please……..

And the winner is – psygon for her gorgeous design.

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much to everyone who took the time to design something for me and those who helped me with the decision. It was excruciatingly difficult to do.

Expect a bmail soon psygon

Couplla Days More

Errrr well because Friday night being what it is for all those ‘normal’ people or at least ones without kids, everyone will be out and about enjoying themselves. So, I am going to make the deadline for my wee comp and start of voting this coming Monday the 23rd.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to get those creative juices flowing for me, I am totally spoilt for choice… Will announce the short list on Monday afternoon.

A Reminder!!

A week to go to be inspired and add (if you wish) a design for this for a chance to get your hands on some cold, hard, cash…. and to make lil ole me dance and jump with glee at finally having a ‘look’ for my business……

In case anyone is struggling with inspiration I will add a bit more information that may help.

I am a multimedia designer, specialising in web design – including flash. I also work with any type of print design and photography, especially using film and antique or toy cameras, of which I have quite a collection. I can also edit film and video.

As my sideline love – a quiet obsession with creating patterns and applying them to material for 3 dimensional creations.

Ummmmm, hope that helps. If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask…

Thanks to everyone who has pa

Who likes a challenge??

I have had enough!….…

I have been working on a logo for Jemima Loves Big Ted for a loooooooooong, looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time and I am totally at a loss. I hate each and every design that I have managed to come up with, and I think its now my turn to put it out there to you fellow designers to help me with it.

I am willing to pay, however having just finished being a student and not having loads of work right now, I am not rolling in it. Would saaaaay…. $100 be enough to tempt some people?

I am going to follow along the same sort of guidelines (and thanks for the inspiration Dan) of Tate in his quest for his look and that is -

1. I will choose my favourites from the submissions and put it to a public vote.

2. I may not decide to use any of the submissions, but if I do c

If only I could find a mountain....

I would shout from the highest peak I WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I just finished my final assignment for my degree EVER and I could not be happier!!!!!!

Sorry for the waste of space that this has taken up on all yall activity feeds, but just had to get it off my chest.

Lubitel 166B Love!!

So I finally put a roll of film through my not so new Lubitel camera. And after figuring out its quirks and oddities I managed to produce a few shots that I am very happy with. They are as follows.

Memory of a Hill

Lost Children’s Passage


Criss Cross

Memories Fade with Time

They were shot at the Lost Children’s Passage in Musk Vale and on the way to Maryborough, on XP2 film.

Latest Pinhole Shot


Taken at the same place as this but with a few adjustments. There are an extra two holes in the camera (and it is looking a little beaten up now) for better film coverage, and I have managed to smooth the holes more so that the edges are not so keyhole like….

However, it seems to have sprung a light leak, so will have to investigate what is going on there.

Oh Pinholio Fabulouso!

Do you live in Melbourne or surrounding areas? Do you love experimenting with old styles of photography? Do you have Saturday June 6th free?

Well why don’t you come on over here and express your interest in a pinhole camera workshop!

Pinhole Goodness

Recently I made my own pinhole camera out of an old biscuit tin. This endeavour was inspired by a wonderful artist going by the name of Steph Tout. I have based my design on hers yet have decided to make it that little bit different. I have made a two tiered camera with 3 holes on each level. So a total of 6 (note: since doing these I have had to adjust the camera and have made 4 holes each level – a total of 8) The idea is to have a panoramic image of a 360 degree view. I have alternated the spacing of each pinhole on the top and the bottom, so the spaces that blend together in one layer can be captured in the other. It has been designed with capturing onto film – with a space big enough to use 120 film or 2 strips of 35mm film in one space.…

All the measurements I have included are in re

The City

I was going to tell you about how amazed I was at the sublime packaging of the new Redbubble Collaboration The City

Or how a lot of thought has gone into marrying images together, to create a beautiful symbiosis of



& Story


Perhaps I could have told you about how expertly well images and words were chosen to make this an exceptional collection of creativity to fill your senses.

But instead I am going to tell you how you should use this wonderful book.

Ruben enjoys it whilst completing his morning rituals…

Oshi thinks is fabulous as a house for his wildlife…

and well, I just like it anyway I can!

So Dagnabbit, what are you waiting for? Please make your way over here and purchase yourself a copy, so that completing your daily tasks, sheltering of your herds or fulfil

For a Fact

I was inspired by this journal from Bellmusker to do my very own. So here goes.…

I Know…..

1. That no matter how bad a day starts off, it can always get much, much worse.

2. Your heart physically hurts when you drop your son off to his first day at childcare.

3. The best EVER program made for television is the most recent incarnation of Battlestar Galactica. (my inner geek speaks here)

4. No matter how much you love someone you can still cause them pain, and often the bigger the love, the larger the wound.

5. You cannot force creativity. It must be gently coaxed out, nurtured and used often.

6. Change is really, really good for wiping slates clean and sweeping out the cobwebs, but stability is by far the best state to grow roots and nurture your life in.

7. I never fail to be surprised and

Mt Gambier is a land of many holes, cracks, crevices and lakes.

Apart from that, it is also the town that a friend of mine, Paul and his fiancée went back to, to tie the proverbial knot!

I had the pleasure of being a guest, but also the double pleasure of being able to capture their day for them on camera. Following are a few examples of how the day panned out.

Have to say, don’t think I have ever seen someone look more stunning on their wedding day…. and YES that is a Mariana Hardwick dress













Thanks guys for a wonderful weekend!

A Glorious Sunday Morning

I had the very lovely pleasure of shooting the Wedding of Lisa and Scott Campbell yesterday morning and I wanted to share some of the shots from the day.

I wish them all the best luck for their future with their gorgeous little boy Nicholas.















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