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Still Life Portraits / Object Portrait series

Thank you for all your comments on my Object Portrait series! It has been lovely to hear that some of you have been ‘thinking’ about what your object would be too :) I thought I would tell you a little more about them.

This series began with another project. Friends, family and strangers were asked to take passport photos of themselves while holding up a ‘still life’ arrangement of holiday related items. An eclectic range of images started to come in from around the country (it was very exciting!) – from plastic palm trees in photo booths, to foreign currency in Australian Idol ‘faces’ (crazy digital photo kiosks). I really enjoyed the enthusiasm people had towards the project, the questions “what’s a still life”, “I’m glad I’m not in it”, but mostly I enjoyed hearing the stories about how their photos came to be. How could I learn more about these people through their photos? How could other people seeing these photos get a glimpse of their personality? Ah ha! A new project!

The new task, Still Life Portraits (Object Portraits as labeled in RB) which I myself would photograph-: take 3-5 objects (no larger than a loaf of bread) that are distinctly yours and arrange them to your liking in your hands. This is to be against a back drop that is distinctly yours too.

It has been such a fun project to do, maybe you can make an object portrait of yourself (or a stranger!) and share it! :)

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