The Random Selfie portrait challenge

I’ve been looking for ways to practice some portrait art styles. After a discussion about practising on peoples selfies that are posted to imgur, this wonderful person (aka: The Great White Snark) gave me permission to practise on his image.

Here are my results so far with watercolour, pen cartoon and coloured pencil :)
The watercolour was a new portraiture medium for me. I liked the effect but I sure do need practice to capture better likeness!!

Learning to paint with oils!

My painting experience until recently has been limited to acrylic paints. I’m slowly introducing myself to oils by painting over a base of acrylics. My latest project I based on a treasured old photo of my Dad and my nephew in our backyard. I thought I’d share the progression of my painting so far;

Feeling the LoL <3

Thanks everyone for the sales leading up to Christmas.
My most popular tshirt has been Teemo

I’m definitely feeling the League of Legends love. There are so many great characters it’s a shame that Jinx doesn’t cater to all of them. If you have a favorite champion, please feel free to message me and I’ll attempt my fan art version for you.

Spring Cleaning

I decided it was time to do some serious editing to fit with some of the new pieces going into my RB portfolio.
There has been a few deletions and some re-working of some of my earlier pieces as I’m starting to get a bit more familiar with converting my doodles into digital.

Had a couple of sales early last month. A big thankyou to the people who liked my little pigs and wizard of oz imaginings enough to make a purchase :)

2012 Calendar Project

I love to be able to see my entire year at a glance. Unfortunately most calendars don’t let you do this without being inconvenient to record information on them. I’ve dedicated a wall in my entryway to hold my calendar, which gets made up of separable flat page monthly calendars. These tend to be difficult to find, with most calendars having the pictures on the back of the date page.

To save the trauma of searching for an appropriate calendar to pull to pieces, I decided that this year I’ll make my own!

The templates were easily drawn up and now I get to decorate the page around them. I decided on a literary theme as I’ve started below with Alice in Wonderland:

Keep posted for updates :)

Happy Bastille Day 2011

I might be Australian, but years of studying French has always made me look forward to Bastille Day.
Maybe it’s just an excuse to enjoy some croissants, some yummy pastries or a decadent dinner. Whatever the urge to celebrate, I hope everyone has a lovely Bastille Day.
Now go celebrate “avec un cafe et du patisserie”!

Best wishes,