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Shelly Harris

Shelly Harris

Kaleva, Michigan, United States

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Sorry I've Been So Busy

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. My life with two children has kept me very busy.
I started a new job back in October at my childrens school and it has kept me very busy. I work as a Para-Pro in special education with children ranging from K-5th grade with disabilties. A very rewarding job. Now school is comming to a closing I should have a little more time. “Maybe”! My hubbie is doing much better and has been back to work since Jan. He still has isues with his leg, but is learning to cope with it. Thank you so much with all the wonderful comments that I’ve been getting since I’ve been gone. They have been wonderful! I would leave comments back, but for some reason my computer has been bouncing me back to the top of the page. I have a hard tim…

family up date

Up date, all is going well with my husband. He went into surgery last week for his last skin graft. So far everything looks good. The surgery’s are still not done. He will have to go in again to have some tendon grafting done. As of right now he can walk on his foot with some aid, but he doesn’t have the ability to lift his foot with out his tendons to move it. I and my children are doing well. I am now back in the education department. I am working at our local school in special education. It nice because I see my children everyday and I’m helping kids with special needs. My husband and I are also very proud of our son Hunter who made Honor Roll at school. He is finally at the age where he gets real grades. I just want to thank everyone for their thoughts …

My hubbie is back in the hospital:-(

My hubbie is back in the hospital:-( The skin around his graft started to die and left tendons showing. He was in surgery for six hours and recovery for three and a half hours
Friday. They did a new skin graft called a “Flap” to cover the whole area. A "Flap is where they take skin and blood vessels and reattach them in the bad area. He is doing well and it looks like the graft is already growing new vessel to attach the old to the new skin. So he has really good curculation now. Which is very awesome:-))) As for my kids and I. We are doing well can’t wait for him to come home again. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments on my last post. They really made my day:-))))

last few weeks my life has been turned up side down

Sorry that I have been commenting very little. I haven’t forgotten my friends here on RB, But these last few weeks my life has been turned up side down. I’ll kind of give you a short version of what is going on. My husband had an acident on July 31st. A night I wont ever forget. He had cut his leg with a chain saw just above his left ankle while cutting a tree down. He had gone through both bones and at first they thought they were going to amputate his leg. Three days after the accident he went into surgery so they could look at it more and clean it somemore. The surgan said everything looked really good and that amputation was very slim. That night they gave him a blood transfusion and then next day he went into sergury to repair the damage. A few days after that he w…

Free New Textures On My Site At Deviant

Alot of people tell me they like the textures I use in my art. So for all of you wonderful people at Redbubble who read this. I give you a link to my site at Deviantart. “I just posted 12 new textures all free to use” This is my thanks to you for all of your wonderful support. Thank You:-)) Click Me

My new book comming out soon.......

I just wanted to share, that I have a new book comming out soon called “A Snowman’s Love”. It’s a poem I wrote about my daughters first experiance in building her first snowman. The love and compassion that she put into it. For my illustrations I used actual photo’s of her building the snowman. Then I used filters to change them into a color pencil look. The book is a children’s book for about ages birth to second grade, but I think anyone will enjoy reading it! I hope everyone will get a chance to look for it. It’s comming to your stores soon.