J.E. Larson is host to numerous unrelated titles, some of which include barbering, burying and broomstick-watching – and on occasion, chimney-sweeping, crayoning, and hiding in bell towers – but most notably, illustrating. When not confined to the shadows of an ivy embraced abbey or the attic of a confectionery, he attempts to compose to paper visuals of a nonsensical nature with a disposition of mystery, monstrosity, and the macabre. Other times he pretends he is a pirate. An interest in the visual arts was instigated many years ago when he was visiting a rookery while abroad in Romania. It so happened that during this time one of the birds engaged him in conversation, and he having penned a quick sketch of the Parachute Jump – for a visual representation was politely requested – was told by the fowl that the depiction had been very fine. This gracious bit of praise influenced further experimentation and has continued to the present.

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