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Damn I am employed once again

Well it had to happen one of these days and last week it did, I started back to work. After falling off my house last November I have been healing my poor shattered right leg. My wife said it is time Jeff to get off your butt so I have (sigh)
I have been busy though I have been taking flower pictures and other things to sell here on RB and else where but that hasnt been paying the bills. So I went out and got a job selling cameras and the other stuff that goes with them. I get my fix of cameras and photography all day long which blows the wind up my kilt(now theres a visual) My uploads of cool stuff has slowed down as you can see but on my days off watch out. Other than that went to a Nikon school now that was cool , if you havn’t ,do it is well worth the money.
If you want me not to work in the Private sector start buying A LOT of my work, I promise i will quit and up load more Photographs.

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