Jeffrey Sinnock

Sparks, United States

Howdy how are ya,really glad to hear it. I record moments in time for a living while working in a camera store to pay the bills. While I...

Hot damn Pigs do fly!

I got a call from Epson today,surprised the S*** out of me. the conversation went like this.
“hi this is Bob(not real name) from epson,is this jeff” Since I am the one that answered the phone and the only male person thats lives here I said yes.
" you call the other day about a printer problem" again I said yes since I did call about a printer problem, the damn thing doesn’t work.
“well since we can’t fix it since it is old (two years) we are going to give you a special offer on our web site” This is when I thought yeah I bet you are,but hey i’ve been mistaken once in a while but never wrong. But lo and behold they mad eme offer I don’t think I can refuse I pay 74.99 for the printer on there web site and I get a 75.00 mail in rebate I make a penny.
" so you or I can’t fix my printer" ? " No" he replies the chip in the Printer it self it bad, and it would cost more to fix than to replace"
Isn’t that the s***s? any more it cost more to fix than to replace what is this materialistic world coming to ?
Anyway I digress, went to the winery today to take pics of there ripe grapes (see photo) they are so ripe you can smell them as you walk down the rows of vines. Well it is time for a rum and coke(come join me won’t you) for those of you that lives in the queens land or taz land try Bounty rum from Fiji. Holly perjeezers I had that on my honeymoon in July and well Wednesday of that week .Well lets say what the heck did I do that night ? All I know is that no animals were harmed after I drank three drinks of the gas additive,or so my wife says.
Oh I almost forgot I hit the lottery today woooohooo I won 2.00 dollars US in Fiji thats 3.38 I can buy a dollar menu burger.

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