Jeffrey Sinnock

Sparks, United States

Howdy how are ya,really glad to hear it. I record moments in time for a living while working in a camera store to pay the bills. While I...

another saturday down the toilet

Thus ends another saturday………..sat on my tush most of day working on my photos while my sweety was sick in bed watching tv. If you look at my new stuff you will see what I have up loaded. was hoping to go to the kite festival here in washington but alas that didn’t happen maybe next year.But wait there’s more(said in a load booming voice) Next year we will be in england so that won’t happen maybe they will have kites there. Some how I doubt it kites are becoming extinc at least that is what I have been told by people that are not in the know. Sigh who knows what will happen by then,I think I need some toast.Gnight

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