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Jeff Kingston

Jeff Kingston

Cheltneham, United Kingdom

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Back Soon

HI, i haven’t been on Redbubble or been doing very much artistically inclined recently. I have a lot of problems sleeping and recently have been taking some meds too help, they haven’t, but they did steal pretty much all my artistic drive. Anyway, stopping with them so hopefully shall be back to appreciate and to contribute some more things on Redbubble soon :) Thanks to people who have supported me on here in the past, its much appreciated!


  • Tere Troya
    Tere Troya6 months ago

    Hi dear Jeff, I was asking to myself what was happening with you?
    First so nice to read you came back, I wish you get better soon, and I´m sure that your creavity is untouchable may be only taking a kind of nap…
    You´re very welcome to my group (Altered Art), so take your time to recover and when you desire submit your work
    Hugs and take care :-)

  • Thanks Teresita that’s very kind of you to say so. I like the idea of it taking a nap, that’s a good way to look at it :) Hugs back :)

    – Jeff Kingston