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Denver, United States

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JeffJag is an abstract artist living in Denver, Colorado who specializes in colorful, vibrant, fluid, psychedelic abstract paintings and illustrations in a variety of media. My art is inspired by use of color, shape, form/space, geometry, and obscene amounts of detail to create a visual noise pattern that whelms the eye. I paint in watercolor, acrylic, and digitally. I sketch in pen and pencil. I sometimes like to mix all of these in various proportions and make YouTube time-lapse stop motion videos of my artwork. You can see all of them over at my channel, and subscribe so you don’t miss anything – http://youtube.com/user/jeffjag/

JeffJag is my artist name. It comes from shortening my full name and smashing it all together. Two capital J’s, no spaces.

I’m actually Jeff Jagunich, which does have a space… because that’s how you write proper names. It’s pronounced just like it looks: Jag-un-ich.
Jag like “Jaguar.”
Un like in “Uncensored.”
Ich like in “Sandwich.”
Now you know.

I post daily updates about all my projects on my facebook page: http://facebook.com/jeffjag.art

If you’re on tumblr or twitter, follow me at either for regular updates. http://artblog.jeffjag.com and @jeffjag are where I post updates about upcoming shows, new art, new sketches, photos, videos and time-lapse movies of my painting process and much more. — Updated daily!

One of my designs was recently featured on the Redbubble home page. The t-shirt and iPhone design Mad Animal Pianist is in the lower left.

Thanks to everyone who pledged on my recent Kickstarter campaign and who has supported my artwork through this store. You all have been great and have shown your support for my artwork in a way that has meant a lot to me and will inspire me a lot in the future. Check out the page and the updates here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jeffjag/sup...

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Redbubble Interview with JeffJag

Jen, one of Redbubble’s great community organizers, interviewed me for the Community Curators journal on the site. I think it turned out great, and many thanks to Jen for putting it together with my artwork so nicely. Check out the Redbubble interview with JeffJag
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