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History of My life and experiences, - Home in the Smoky Mountains of TN

.My life events and living in a wonderful place, Smoky Mountains of Tennessee where some of the most beautiful mountains are, and best scenery are in the eastern United States. Jim, my husband, was the country boy raised on a farm in the Smokies, head over hills for me, the city girl, raised in Maryville, TN, but knew nothing about country life. I gathered historical information and a better understanding of the family, and history of the family from Cades Cove, that I married into and lived for years, a few years ago. History I wasn’t really interested in much, I was more interested in photographing the flowers on the graves during decoration, than family history. I even took moon shots at night in the graveyard.
Religion was an important part of life in Cades Cove from its earliest days, due in large part to the efforts of John and Lucretia Oliver. 4th Greatgrandparents of Jim Gourley, whom I married 1/1/76. Leon Gourley, my Father in law was born to Myrtle Gregory and James Gourley in Cades Cove. The well known history of the Olivers in Cades Cove are my 4th Great Grandparents by marriage. The Olivers managed to organize a branch of the Miller’s Cove Baptist Church and Cades Cove around 1825. Millers Cove Missionary Baptist is across the street from my driveway, in W. Millers Cove, Walland, TN. I was told the first church burned. I think the Millers Cove Baptist and Missionary Baptist are the same church. After Olivers briefly realigning themselves with the Wear’s Cove Baptist Church, the Cades Cove Baptist Church was pronounced an independent entity in 1829.
+ The Missionary Baptist and the Primitive Baptist were a big part of young faith+ in my life, and where we attended as a young married couple and after starting a family. A lot of folks from the W. Millers Cove community were people with families from Cades Cove. Photographing the church from my garden, which has been done a lot, and the garden is Gourley Garden, habit which attracted Carolinensis lizards, among other Smoky Mountain lizards. Feeding the birds, designing the garden, was done at different times, but plantings for the birds, as well as for the family. Our mountain community runs along the Foothills Parkway, were views over the entire face of the Tennessee valley are enjoyed by many. I remember my father taking me up there on an incline in the road that looked like it run into the sky. We had picnics, camping memories for generations. The Foothills Parkway has been one of the oldest unfinished projects of TN, due to lack of funding, or mountain slides. The newer part of the Smoky Mountains Foothills Parkway that was closed for years was more beautiful with better views, I think. We used to ride bikes or take the horse over when our daughter was little too. As well as the memories of when I was a child. The park line touches our woods in the back. ….Black bears are the symbol of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Eastern Wilderness. Biologists estimate approximately 1,600 bears live in the park, a density of over two bears per square mile.You can see why people love to come to Cades Cove, it is, I think, the only National Park with pioneer settlements. But it is mostly about rubbing shoulders with the Native American Indian and the wildlife. Cades Cove was once known as “Kate’s Cove” after an Indian chief’s wife. The Cove drew the Cherokee Nation back again and again by its abundant wildlife and good hunting. Today, Cades Cove is still as full of wildlife as before but draws not hunters, but millions of Smokies visitors.
The Gregg-Cable House was built in 1879 at another location in the cove. After the last owner died, the house was moved from its original location to the Cable Mill area. This was the first frame house built in Cades Cove and was built for the family to live in and to operate a family business; a store. Products for the store were brought from Maryville by way of ox and wagon. Leason Gregg’s family opened the store in the downstairs and they lived in the upper floors. The Cables owned over 600 acres. ….I am proud to be kin to the first white settlers in Cades Cove by marriage….Olivers 4th Great Grandparents. My Father in law, Leon Gourley was born to Myrtle Gregory and James Gourley of Cades Cove. I rarely knew Leon before he passed away. We aquired part of his land.
Jim and I met at Sandy Bottoms in the Smokies, I was with his cousin, I knew from school, and he talked different, because..his father was full indian. We went to Jim’s house to do a video. With my long blonde hair, and I was always a mature looking, very pretty girl, that turned a few heads, got too much attention from the boys. It was to pretend I was a girlfriend of one of Jim’s friends.
I had intended to introduce Jim to my sister, but when Jim’s cousin and I broke up, Jim and I dated only 3 months before marriage. Attended Mall Shows, West Town Mall, and Blount County’s Mall, booths at Nauger Nobb in Smoky Mtns.shows, Maryville College Show, Festivals, etc. Roane State Community College, Business and Advanced Typing classes, Art Illustration class with Ann Powers in Roane County. Attended photo shoots with Ann Powers also as her model.Showed till regional in my 20’s until getting into other things after marriage.
Took a job at Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital to get moved back to Blount County, when I was 18. Tennessee, Blount Co. is where I lived at 18 when I married Jimmy C.Gourley, from Walland, TN 37886. I worked in Critical Care at Blount Memorial, and Jim worked for Texaco when we met. He then worked routes for Frito Lay, before becoming a steelworker at Alcoa Aluminum Co.+ and Heavy Equipment Operator in Can Recycling. After attending those Mall Shows, and Festivals, I then decided to quit that for a while, when I did go, my frames were usually damaged, I sorta got tired of going to them…and worked for the State. I lived in an apartment in town, while Jim and I dated, he helped me out after my parents moved my stuff there. We had a couple of dates while I still lived in Roane County while going to college. I enjoyed some of my jobs, but regreted not working in my field of interest. During the move back home to Maryville, I took a that Job at the hospital that got me on the wrong track, I have thought….
Some or most of the trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park were trails made by the Cherokee Indians, known as the Cherokee Nation. Jim’s Mom and Dads people were from Cades Cove, a remote place once, where settlers lived, prior to its addition to the GSMNP. Cades Cove Missionary Baptist Church was the second building for the Missionary Baptist congregation of Cades Cove. It was built in 1915 at the foot of Cades Cove Mountain, where Rich Mountain Road accessed the cove road. Building materials were salvaged from Hyatt Hill Baptist Church for the other church building, which is maintained by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Service today. This little church is photographed by many, and on lots of postcards in the georgeous setting at the foot of the Smoky Mountains. ………
I always liked post cards and collected them, of the Smoky Mountains. I have photographed it and visited a lots of times. Since a distant relative D. Moyers, and geneologist tried to get us to go to a reunion in the Cove, about the time our daughter was getting ready to go to college at ITT Tech. + Since we are kin to the Olivers, 4th Great Grandparents of my husband Jimmy Charles Gourley. + Researched about the tools and items that were left by the early settlers, in the homes and on the property, etc…a list of the very old items, some interesting they were so old. The National Park was so much a part of my life when I was younger, and my husband’s people gave up land when the GSMNP was formed. A lot of people did, I was just a little girl, but I learned more about it. Cove descendants occasionally use the church facility for services. Or you can be married there if you contact the Park Service and ask. Thirteen former members of the Cades Cove Primitive Baptist Church organized the Missionary Baptist Church in 1839. Members met at various locations until Hyatt Hill Baptist Church was built in 1895 on a knoll just west of Hyatt Lane in Cades Cove, near the home of Shadrack Hyatt. That building was used until 1915, when the Missionary Baptist Church was constructed using materials salvaged from Hyatt Hill Baptist Church. These churches were connected to the two churches in W. Millers Cove, Walland, TN. The ones I went to with Jim’s family when I was in my 20’s. Primitive Baptist, and Missionary Baptist The Missionary Baptist is across the street from my driveway to my garden where I usually photo the church when out in my garden. . After Cades Cove was absorbed into Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the congregation of the Missionary Baptist Church formed Cades Cove Memorial Baptist Church near Maryville. People of Blount County live in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. Also, living in the shadow of history-a long varied progression of the past that leads from the pioneer settlement of Cades Cove to churches planted here before the county was even formed…to lumber days, rail and aluminum. Jims Granfather James Gourley, logged. Quit his job at Alcoa to do so.
Alcoa Aluminum Co. one of the largest. My husband, Gourley, Mechanical Craft Specialist, Alcoa Aluminum Co. since 1984 was raised next to his grandfather Ogle (Thunderhead View Farm) in West Millers Cove. +They had cows and raised tobacco. And his grandpa asked him to take care of his grandmother (dying request) when he was gone. He carried coal in for his Grandmother Leona, until the day he met his wife to be (me) at Metcaf Bottoms in the Smokies and married Jeffee Holland after only 3 months. He liked fishing and hunting when younger, and dabbled in tanning hides. I didn’t really like hunting clothes. My Dad always wore a tie and dressed up. When Jim let his curley hair grow out longer, he looked like Mac Davis, a Country Singer. And I cut his hair to save money. When his hair started turning early, I said he could have hair like the Country Singer that sings, “When You Get Behind Closed Doors.”….
+Leon that lived in Cades Cove, taught Jim to fish, so they fished the Park streams, a lot. I was told about it after Jim and I bought a boat and fished the Tellaco Lake, prior to its being damed up and indian grounds being covered
….When I was first married, I made indians in ceramics and placed them on deer hides in our home, when we were living in the basement…and painted owls, eagles, whitetailed deer, and had wagons, scenes, and stuff like that. A lamp made out of a wagonwheel hub. While we were living in the basement, I crocheted to keep me busy, or stoked the fire, that was all we had for heat, was the wood stove. it caught the chimney on fire once…see thru stud walls and concrete floors. Cut our own wood mostly out of the woods, chopped kindlin, for fires. We barely got septic line in a few days before moving into the basement, but the people on the river that bought our first house, only gave us 2 or 3 months to get moved, and we didn’t even have plans for this house. Clearing and getting moved in was a nightmare, it snowed 16 inches the day after we moved in. No soffits, no siding, and it was cold.
Stayed in the den, where the woodstove was. I smoked then, ……and,+ I almost burned the house down, I got the fire to the woodstove too hot+, with the doors open, caught the chimney on fire. And when Jim was cutting a tree once, it fell into a large evergreen and rolled, then fell on the house. I was watching, and screemed… It punched 5 holes in the roof, bent the corner and gutter. Nedless to say, I didn’t want Jim to cut wood any more.
Before starting a family, We trolled different lakes, camped and fished, Chilhowee,Fort (Nasty) Loudon, and Douglas, and one over in NC that was so cold, you wouldn’t want to swim. Jim said there was always an extra head, so his Dad could fish for more fish. Once, when we were out in the boat on Chilhowee Lake, just across the Foothills Parkway at the end. Jim said that white shirt I had on might scare the fish, or if we talked. That day the fish were doing something strange, coming to the top and doing something…we thought it was because of the moon. Chilhowee Lake has large cat-fish I was told, big ones as large as people. I think everybody in Blount County picked up the slate on the side of the mountain near Chilhowee Lake too, I did, and made a slate foyer at our first house. When Jim and I talked, said that when I still lived with my parents, going to college, at Roane Co. the people fished with Willa Flies. When I lived there with my parents, I had went fishing with an old man that lived behind us, for crappy or blue gill.
Jim has done carpentry work (made many beautiful things)building 2 homes, electrical, plumbing, engenieried many projects, invented things and made jobs easier for others. He was a Manager at Blackberry Farm 4 star Hotel, where we both worked when he got layed off from the Aluminum Plant at Alcoa.
(Blackberry Hotel was owned by Sandy Beal, who owns Ruby Tusdays), over many departments. Supervised Maintentence and Grounds, Housekeeping. He had overseed some of the new construction projects going on while he was there. A hard worker and a kind person. He was just a truck driver for Texaco when we first met.
A quick history I put on the internet site Lizardlady. Jeffee Denise Holland Gourley, born in Eastern US in 1956, at Sweetwater, TN, Maryville, TN at 2, Drawing and painting since early childhood, and just a little later picking up the camera. A love for art was encouraged by my Mother, who started me into lessons while in 8th grade with, a local Artist, Violet Linton. A little later took private portrait oil lessons with Carol Shope. Enjoyed horseback riding and photography at the time. A love of nature and the Smoky Mountains provided inspiration for my art. Community Center one person show at 16. Auction participation for a few of pieces to help a cause. Member the TN Fed.Women’s Club,won blue for 5 county at this young age. Had a booth at the county fair to draw also.
Took a job at Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital to get moved back to Blount County, Tennessee at 18 when I married Jimmy C.Gourley, from Walland, TN37886. I worked in Critical Care at Blount Memorial, and Jim worked for Texaco, trained to drive a semi, that was what he wanted to do, but I didn’t want to be married to a truck driver. He then worked routes for Frito Lay, before becoming a steelworker at Alcoa Aluminum Co. and Heavy Equipment Operator in Can Recycling. After attending those Mall Shows, and Festivals, I then decided to quit that for a while, when I did go, my frames were usually damaged, I sorta got tired of going to them…and worked for the State, never made much more than menimum wage. I lived in an apartment in town, while Jim and I dated, he helped me out after my parents moved my stuff there. We had a couple of dates while I still lived in Roane County while going to college. I enjoyed some of my jobs, but regreted not working in my field of interest. During the move back home to Maryville, I took a that Job at the hospital that got me on the wrong track.
Walland was just 30 minutes from Maryville, I really hadn’t heard of the community where our home is now. I had been through Walland on visits to the Smoky Mountains before, going to the river or the Great Smoky Mountains. As long as I can remember, + I always had a camera in my hand, taking pictures, in the 60’s I think I had my first camera+. I would always take photos of my Dad by his police car. My Grandfather Holland was a Baptist Missionary, from South Carolina, I think, and he went around starting churches. Later found out that my Father was left in homes while his Dad started churches everywhere, and Daddy didn’t like that, so I could understand some of his feelings towards religion. He was malnurished, and got rickets. His mother died when he was 5. The Bible was the forbidden fruit for me to have the quest more deeply than I realized. I remember my Dad running off a Bible sales person from the door with harsh words. His step-Mother, Edna Holland, I remember well. Daddy said Edna would keep the folks in check while C.P.Holland preached We went to North Carolina to visit her. She had a little silver trailer in the 50’s and 60’s. I remember features in it, and things about her, and I was 3 or 4 years old. She had the first gas stove I had ever seen. She dipped snuff…and had large knots on her feet beside her big toe. I would get sick on those curvy roads around the mountains. Daddy gave me some of his sister’s old jewelery. + Daddy told stories about going to eat at folks houses with his Dad, Rev.C.P Holland.+ Folks would invite the preacher and my Dad, George Holland, for lunch, about every week, and they would give the preacher food, alot rather than money in those days. He said chickens might be roosting overhead, but they had something to eat. I don’t really remember my Grandfather because I was just a baby when the Rev. C.P. Holland died. Daddy really told stories about the highway patrol every night at the supper table. Weather it be about a drunk he arrested, or somebody might be after him, making a statement as to that effect, after an arrest. I loved my father, as any Daddy’s girl would. He was pretty strict though, I knew when to run or hide. But back in those days, well…you got what was comming to you, if you did anything wrong, but he had a temper. I didn’t want to verbalize about how I felt then with bruises and marks, once with a belt on the face, is when he went too far. I had a love hate relationship with my Dad for years, I spent some time in corners when little, and my Mom put her hand over us to keep him from being too strict. Though I do remember some good things, he tried to make us laugh, or played some jokes. I had to get over it. When I was a teen, I guess he was worried about me, but he took my drivers license, and said some pretty ugly words, even threatened to put me in juvenile hall. I put all that behind me one day. Since his precher Dad was gone a lot, he didn’t really have a good roll model, except that you talk to everybody, and arent’t home, and that is why,I realized my Dad was usually gone, politicing, he called it. he didn’t know how to really parent, there was no information or books on it. That was the church’s job to teach us how to talk and behave, the same you learn in a family. After I was raising my own family, and learning so much in the family… One day I saw him in a different light, being able to be kind to everyone, except family it seemed at the time. I have believed in more than Christianity. At one time, all the studying When faith was new, you couldn’t have found a more willing person. Believed I could do a Bible. I really was fired up for God before too. + I gave up all and gained the field, (the world). Want my home and all my religious paintings an exhibit. Thought I could use my art, and fight some devils too. +I have known that my fathers strictness, and or crossing the line, gave me the personality, and determination to start with, and many other things suffered in life, …perhaps another chapter. Although on a journey, and full of life, hardships, and all the work to do, just worked, learned, and did what was to do. When I gave up and surrendered, it was just what I did, following the spirit. There is a scripture somewhere about has anybody gave up family, home, all, for the sake of Jesus Christ, or his cause? That was what I wanted to do. + Nobody wants to play a rhythm guitar behind Jesus.+ My whole story isn’t religious, so don’t let it bore you or scare you off, but I thought I should add it. I haven’t written it down before. There were a lot of things I wanted to do for the church when I was attending. Bulletins, I didn’t know what the pictures on the bulletins mean, but I wanted to do them if I could, for the church, and the book store had them in their store. (while attending Grace Memorial , and the song, He Touched Me, really touched me. It was there, that while doing the bulletins, trying to pick out a correct bulletin for the pastor of that little church, and wanted it to be for the correct message. Felt I was being led on a journey. Thought I needed to know, so did others. I didn’t read much, everything was pictures for me…just like the unlearned…taught with pictures. Thought I could use my Art for the Church. + I thought it ironic for me to get so involved in books,+ really wanting to do more than just decorate homes with my work…..and the church couldn’t just keep everything behind the 4 walls. Experienced some of the meanings, and studied about church symbolism meanings. Making things beautiful, was a big thing for me, and if a Bible could be made beautiful, I wanted to do it. The symbols on the Bible, Trinity symbol, never mentioned. A desire to know more. I did those bulletins for that little church just prior to studying church symbolism really in depth….buying books and studying at the library. Wanting my images on things before and searching out a lot about how to do that before internet. Attending church, helping desire to know the meanings, and so involved, seeking knowledge … There was a Calling for a Book Store, a visitation…do a book store…me?… I acted on it, tried to get a job in a Christian Book Store. Thoughts were, or one of them was to do bible books to draw the reader in by the cover. Because I had a few bibles, but never picked one up really till in my 40’s.(I thought the mid life crisis is part of the crusifixion experience). I related things in life like that. (Parables) + I was just the dumb blonde in school. Raised Baptist,+ (John the Baptist with his head cut off and put on a plate) (Part of religion is what the Baptist received, is the way I saw it after going to the Church of God) I went to church very little until later on in life 20, 30 til 40. Attended a little church in town, then to Church of God later, and carried around a stack of Bibles, after encountering an experience of what I believed to be God and a crucified with Christ experience….started studying, doing things, … Saw myself as the Church, and called of God. This was a wonderful time in my life, although I think I had been through a lot of stress too, mid-life crisis. I really saw life in parables stronger before. (Possiblly the Trinitiy, or Trinity at work) You live the Bible, saw the relation, or the paralel. Living the old testament, then on to the teachings of Jesus. The hidden life, as in a shell like the pearl. (Jesus, Church, Gospel). Then living the life. And the ancient people and the stories about them. The dark ages, etc. like in the old testament and ancient times. + I knew a preacher, the one that married me…that was dismissed for believing that the stories in the Bible were fables.+ Some of the writings are written in a way that they are called metaphors, allegories, and things as such…, for understanding, and as you get there in your life, and what you do with your life, and what you believe. + I thought there was so much conflict with what each church believed, and who was correct, etc. Some believe in a historical point of view, and some literal point of view, and some live it.+ When I wanted to know more what was in the Bible, and all about it, (Didn’t know how I could choose, just one denomination, didnt believe like that anymore), I started research and studying, really indepth and other books about the Holy Bible. Doctrines, about each book. I took notes, and put them together on the books of the much so, creating that “Bible” The work would help me and others out of this need or desire, and adoration. Felt led t0 do something with my art before, a long time, just wasn’t sure what. + With enough faith to change the world… My first print was of, “The Good Shepherd”, and the lost sheep+ (see it here) although I had painted another one before it….told of a leading hand….and better images of Jesus Christ. I sold a few of these prints, and gave a few away, and just haven’t tried to sell more, a teacher I knew took one for her class, but had lots printed while learning the printing industry. I had wanted to do baptistry even in a little church once, with a river, or maybe the dove, hardly pictured any more, except wood carvings I studied about. I knew that nobody really wanted Jesus in their store, it seemed. I could have a whole store for Jesus, was what I was thinking. A place I bought books, had all those kind in the other room, or in the back. I bought books that belonged to pastors. Prior to that time, learning the steps to publishing prints, as a young artist, I was told I couldn’t get my stuff into retail unless I was the publisher. So I had to learn that, and was determined to. I tried the Baptist Book Stores to sell my Jesus print, but they jacked the price up to where nobody probably wanted to buy it, is what I thought, and the owner or manager of the store told me, some are used to the traditional look of Jesus. I was seeing everything as devided, and against each other, instead of working together. Saw the business of the church too. Wondered if I was a money changer, and remembered the story of how Jesus turned over the tables in the church. I tried not to let that bother me though. + I had other experiences like people in the Bible, and when I heard the stories for the first time, could relate to it.+ + Like the faith of Abraham, really believing in God+… or the teaching of Paul, teaching the people, and Jesus teaching in the church, and another time when he couldn’t speak, I thought, wow, I didn’t really know all this until watching a movie. Walking in Jesus’ footsteps, is what it felt like. I don’t think the Trinity is mentioned in the Bible, but it is experienced and taught. A very holy and sacred thing. The word holy makes me think of a prayer that I prayed asking to be sanctified and entirely holy. Some of my experiences were family related, and I believed you learn a lot in family. One I will mention is like the crucifixion. Where family played the parts of other people or events in the bible. My Mother-in-law, being Mother Mary, stating No! “You can’t have my Son” when the transfer was of her son to my heart.
When unpacking some boxes, while still building our home in the Smokies, I still have a little bible I got when I was 2, so I put it in a cabinet, my Mother took me to church a little. I remember getting a bracelet of the mustard seed, and kept it for a long time, and used to have it in my jewelery box. I didn’t really know what it meant till later, and hearing the story of faith and how it grows. I liked to sing, and the songs changed in my heart at one point, and experiences of becomeing part of it. After I was married, I once made a crown of thorns out of a tree branch that had thorns. And I poured polyurathene on it to preserve it. I wanted to start a family, but was childless until 9 years after marriage adopting. Jim always told me God had a baby out there somewhere for us, if we couldn’t have one naturally. My husband would try and tell me some stories in the Bible, and he took me to a place in Gatlinburg, when I asked him to, that was a museum on Jesus. I guess it was about then, when Jim told me how hard it was to do a dying request for someone, when he took care of his Grandmother, Leona Ogle (Black Dutch Indian). She was the only Grandmother, that I really had gotten to know…I was older, mine were all gone by age 14. We visited universities too of museums on parables and allegories done by masters of ancient times. An amazing experience, in learning, and they were so very large. Painted for explaining messages in the Bible, and teaching, as I felt I was being led to do. I thought I had to add these amazing experiences to my life story, it was such a journey. I found, in searching….images you see in books like Christ and the Fine Arts or Bibles. At first, thinking there wasn’t that many pictures, but there are. Anyway, I was seeing them with different eyes and understanding. A child of God, I guess. I have never put these spiritual ideas, memories, and experiences down in writing.
I have no idea what kind of tree the crown of thorns was made of, but I found one that had thorns when walking near home, and wanted to make one. I still have it in a cabinet with other religious items collected. And once studying a Catholic Bible full of religious painting, it dawned on me, an understanding in my life of the thorns being taken from my life, like the ones in the picture, being taken from Jesus’s crown, were the pains being removed from my life, and understnding salvation. There is a type of pear tree growing, a kind that might keep thorns. Young trees with thorns in my garden now, can’t help but think of the crown of thorns, and making one, recall the things in my mind, and how it was working towards a better person. I even tried to make the unleven bread. I planted Sicamore Trees for their beautiful white bark, and because of the story about Zacceus, I thought that is great the wee little man that climed up in a Sickamore Tree. Anyway, the thorny trees, roots from the Bradford Pear, I don’t know exacely what they look like when grown, but perhaps these are what the other tree came from, but like Bradford Pear, but these have large thorns on them. When we visited places with nice botanical gardens, I had ideas for a bible garden, but thought maybe some of the plants would have to be in a conservatory, they are beautiful, I even wanted camels and sheep, at one time. I took a business card from a man at the zoo that gave camel rides. Always gathering ideas, way before internet. I bought a rosary necklace, and bought a few items at antique stores, and added them to an old cabinet. I wished I could gather enough for a big museum. My Mother-in-law went through furniture like everything, so she would send a lot of her stuff to me. This old cabinet Leon bought for June, and I ended up with it. It is one of those with rounded front glass. Other things I put in it are a star fish from the ocean, large clam, pearls, and a figure of a fish. All related to the bible. To find some real good stuff, would have to go on line, or visit another country. Or, maybe if folks knew, I would like to start a museum, they would contribute. Collected a few bibles and many books. I didn’t have the resources to buy what I really wanted. I looked for clay lamps too, but found only reproductions. I found a book on what they looked like, so I painted one from the 13th century. Symbol of guidance, and scripture, You are a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. The pot is a symbol of humanity, and the flame, the spirit. Research interested me very much. + I hadn’t read very much, but really got into books.+ Thought it would be great to start a library just on Jesus books. Momma said I was taking up where preacher Holland left off. I thought, well so be it. I have tried to do religious things for a long time. I tried to go an learn from the museum in Knoxville, TN. But I wanted to learn behind the scenes, only got to ask a couple of questions, maybe I need to get back on that track, I thought once. Before internet, I would try and learn by observation, or going to the library, sometimes asking, or just seeking. + I didn’t think I was a religious person when I got married, but that I married into a religious family of religious freeks,I guess I turned freek there for a while. Nobody wants to play a rythm guitar behind Jesus. I still want the private museum from my home, maybe I am still working on it, or an enterprise, which is a business for a cause, but wanted all the research done, and exhibits for people to learn, knowing my home would never hold all the ideas. +But really wanted the exhibit Jesus’s baptism, and displays of parables, different soils, potters wheel, etc. and work out the other stuff believed in to do, and greater than me.
Jim’s Grandfather Gourley and Great Grandfather Ogle were from the Smoky Mountains, and others. A Don Moyers, who stated he was a cousin told me this history of family from Cades Cove… I will go into that just a little bit, a Henry Whitehead, (GreatGrandfather to Jim), who was the father to Susan Whitehead Gregory, whom was the Mother to Lura Myrtle Gregory Gourley. 37 pages to that history is somewhere, if I can get it from D.Moyers who was a geneologist looking up family history, for Cades Cove on Olivers being related, and he had Henry Whitehead as a Great Grandfather too. He was, at the time, waiting on Margaret Oliver to send him some corrections on the family line. She and her husband did a lot of research on the Oliver Family which we are kin to by Rutha Oliver who married Walter Gregory and one of their sons was James E. Bud Gregory who had Walter Gregory, and he had my husband Jim’s Grandmother. But any way Margaret has access to the Henry Whitehead Bible and other material that no one else can get access to. As told to me in an email, also, he would hold off on sending a copy of the research, until he heard back from her. Henry Whitehead’s first wife and mother of all his children died when she was 30 years old. And in the family Bible there is reference to an infant son and two infant daughters. Margaret was married to Hugh Oliver who was the son of John W. Oliver and Nancy Ann Whitehead (a daughter of Henry Whitehead). Margaret told Don that in 1955 John W. Oliver came to visit them after the birth of one of their children and said that you know that your Grandmother had triplets did’t you. So Margaret said that must have been why Susan died at age 30, that had to have had something to do with the birth of the triplets. In the Bible there is no names for the children nor are there any dates just that he had an infant son and two infant daughters. I wasn’t into history, and just some now. Becky Cable’s Mill is at the stop where visitors are traveling about mid ways, on Cades Cove Loop in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Sorta unusual for a National Park to have settlements. GSMNP is one of the only National Parks with historic settlements. Cades Cove was once a remote place where some of the first white settlers lived, prior to its addition to the Park. The Cherokee Nation lived and hunted game in the Smoky Mountains. Treeties were signed by the White folks who came to the Cove. Cades Cove was named after a Chief wife Kate, Kates Cove. …..My Father in Law, Leon Gourley, son of James Gourley, was born in Cades Cove, but moved when he was a young boy. The primitive chapel graveyard will aquaint the visitor with some of the other names of folks that lived in Cades Cove. As I mentioned, some of our relatives are Gregory, Ogle, Whiteheads, Olivers, …Olivers are one of the first White families in the Cove. Indians had to help them out with their first Winter, or they would have starved. + My Uncle by marriage is full Indian, Issac Max Russell,brother in law to Leon Gourley, …..=I heard the story that Granny Ogle, was part Indian, and when Dean married Uncle Max Russell, who was Indian. Charlie didn’t approve,+ even though his wife was part indian of another tribe. The Indian mix marriages were looked down upon, you know. Anyway, Uncle Max’s children, and grandchildren speak a lot like the Indians, even today. I dated Max’s son, Issaac, “Iky” before I met Jim. I think a lot of the folks that live in our mountain community, here in W.Millers Cove, not too far from the National park, are family of people in Cades Cove. Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, beautiful mountains, great scenery. I married into a family with history to Cades Cove. I hadn’t even heard of Walland, TN where my husband lived, at the Foothills to the Smokies. If that tells you how much I knew, Walland was only 30 minute drive from where I lived. I think I mentioned, I was the dumb blonde, but kids don’t get out much either.
+ Some or most of the trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park were trails made and used by the Cherokee Indians. A lot of people might not know that. Hikers use some of them.+ Those trails are used by the hikers today, and some have been made into roads, I believe, Hyatt Lane is one of them. Cades Cove was once a remote place prior to its addition to the National Park. A place were early settlers lived, farmed, and owned businesses. There is a creek across from where the land is they (Jim’s Dad, Leon, his Dad, James Gourley, Mother Myrtle Gregory) owned in Cades Cove..+ Lots of families gave up land when the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was formed, as did ours.+ That is one reason, folks feel such an attachment to this National Park here in the Smokies. I remember going up there when I was a kid and camping and cooking, and then doing the same when we had a family. I heard tell, that a great grandfather was going to buy some land in W.Millers Cove, that is the mountain homes now…the day before the depression and the banks went busted. He waited til the next day, and then couldn’t buy it. But Jim’s Grandfather Ogle was given a farm, as were the others in the Ogle family. Land was cheeper then, but this land is worth lots more now. The Ogle farm – Thunderhead View Farm – is part of the land where we live now. Jim’s Mother lived nextdoor to Charley Ogle, her father. And Jim Gourley worked, helping out on the farm while growing up. We ended up owning and building our home there. I tell more about that later… but to remember so many detail, etc. thought I was getting into a state of mind, or wondered if it was ok.
My Mother was a school teacher and principal, in a one room school house, near Madisonville, and my Dad was a State Trooper since I was two, and Sgt. of the Highway Patrol in Knox and Roane County. And that is why I ended up at Roane State Community College a couple of years prior to moving back home. I knew I wanted to be in Art, and had been drawing and painting since 8th grade more seriously, and took lessons from a private portrate painter, and a local artist from Blount County, TN. I was into some shows, and exhibits, became regional. Even had an one man exhibit at the Kingston Community Center, while in high school. I was always at the river with my Lab, while living near Watts Bar Lake in Roane Co. even learned how to water ski. As a teen, I wanted to be lifted up from the boat, or jump off Rockwood Mountain on one of those contraptions, “I forget what you called them”. Oh, hang-gliders. I loved horses, and always wished I had one. A friend let me ride, and Jim took me to a man he knew to ride, and the horse got stung or just saw the barn, and ran as fast as it could back to it. I got to ride very little, but we used to go to horse shows. I liked to dress nice and keep in shape, and ride bikes, hike and walk. Some more history about the family, Jim’s Mother was a nurse, and his Dad a very quiet man, born in Cades Cove, TN. He didn’t talk much, or I didn’t get to really know him…but he was nice, and never had a bad word to say about anyone. Most people know where Cades Cove is. A place in one of the most visited National Parks in the USA. We went there a lot and cooked out, and saw the bears and dear. Jim and I met on the river, and we were 18 and married within 3 months. I had a navy blue 1964 Chevy, then a 69, and Jim had just traded a Chevel for 1974 Oldsmobile that he bought out of the showroom, and he gave it to me. It looked like a skunk, and that is what I called it, black with a white stripe. Loved the car, but it turned out to be a lemon. We were 17 and 18, and he said, he had told his Mother he wasn’t going to get married until he was 30. He was ready to get married before I was, and that was something he talked about on the 2nd or 3rd date. We went to the Hyatt Regency in Knoxville, to eat, where he asked me to marry him. + I wasn’t expecting it, and changed the subject at first. He told my Mother he was going to give me a ring, and I made her tell me what was up, and it spoiled it for the surprise, Jim was going to give me an engagement ring. Jim was very nice too. We did go one day, and look at the kinds of rings. He put my ring in a drink at dinner, but must have had to have it sized or something, because he gave it to me another time at a ball game, and played a joke, like we were breaking up. . . the joke I didn’t like, and of course, the romantic dinner I loved. He had a motorcycle we rode a few times, up to the Fire Tower in the Smokies. Jim was so sweet, he would send me roses to the place I worked in Knoxville, Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, Procurement Department. That was the job I took, as I was planning to move back home to Maryville, TN. I would drive from Roane County to Knoxville to work and back. Gas wasn’t as expensive, but I didn’t like the afternoon drive, the morning, I didn’t mind. That motor cycle was later traded to my brother-in-law, who gave us a TV for it. We were close to my older sister and her husband. My brother-in-law, Hugh Clark, (Tiny) was into Nomads, Jeeps, and 55, 56, and 57’s Classic Chevy, A club he started in East Tennessee. Hugh had me paint Tiny on the side of his Nomad, since he knew I could oil paint. And I remember those Classic Chevy Cars, and the traffic it caused in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. My sister, Jan, and Hugh took us Jeep riding in the Smoky Mountains and all over the place+. Hugh was into photography, and he taught me a little about photography, that I enjoyed. Hugh was from 6 Mile, and his Dad, Lonas Clark, (Punkin Leaf) worked at Alcoa Aluminum Company too, where Jim’s Dad, Leon had worked too. After living in an apartment for a short time, we moved to a subdivision on the river at Walland, TN, a tannery town at one time. We lived in a subdivision on the Little River in Walland, TN in a mountain stone home, 3 miles from Jim’s parents. June and Leon Gourley. We were married for 8 years prior to starting a family. I made a nursery in that home that was empty for a long time. Jim told me God had a plan for me, and there was a baby out there somewhere, and we would adopt if we had to. It seemed like I couldn’t have children, and talked about adopting, and I knew a little about it, because I was working for the Human Services Department with the State, where one of the workers I typed for was an Adoption Worker. We put in an application, but found out after home visits, that it was a year or longer before they started looking for a baby. I had been to doctors and had tests, and a couple of operations trying to get pregnant, childlessness wasn’t fun, and talked about test tube babies, and so forth. We found out a little later, about a girl that was pregnant with her 4th child and wanted to give it up because she could afford to keep it. This was a private adoption. We had to wait a year before we could make the adoption final. That was a little scarry because we thought Jina could be taken back. Thought about children’s home, it jogged a memory for me. Wanted to go to the children’s home and bring a child home for the holidays or something. Don’t think I got to, but knew someone that did. I also, was thinking at the time of adopting the siblings to my adopted daughter if it was possible. They had a rough life, but that didn’t come about, but I did meet a couple of them. They actually were attending the same hight school as my daughter. She went to visit them a couple of times too. Her mother died though before she could meet her. It was my fault for not making that happen. I knew she was sick, and could have tried harder for my daughter to have gotten to meet here r..other mother. I sorta found out things over the years about her, here and there. I had a sister that worked for insurance, and I worked for Human Services, and the hospital, and would hear something now and then. + Jina always knew she was adopted, and never mentioned wanting to see anybody+, but when the time came when she was older, it was a little heavy on my mind, especially when I found out Teresa, Jina’s birth Mother was very ill. She died within a few months, I think. Anyway, I regret that she didn’t see her alive. There for a while anyway. I don’t know if anything will ever come up again.
When Jim’s Dad passed away, in 1981, his Mom offered us some land, next to where Jim grew up, and it had an ajoining woodland with mature trees, + to the mountains, connecting to the Foothills Parkway in Tennessee. A beautiful place where our new home would be built in the country, out all away from close neighbors. I was glad to be out in the country with more space. June depended on family and us quite a bit, we got along real well too, so we helped her out and cared for the land. Jim bushhogged for her, and we mowed the field behind her too. Mowing for her and gardening is something we did on the land. +We had a garden, lots of tomatoes, I loved tomatoes. I later added tomatoes in my flowerbeds to add red.+ Jim was used to using farm equipment, and mowed the 9 acre hill beside us with his Dad’s old tractor. We used that tractor for hauling things around too, or lifting. We had 3 acres with woodland, with those nice mature trees. We wanted to clear out some in the woods and make some trails. Jim went out plowing fields, and mowing for other people. There was a beautiful view of Thunderhead Mountain where I wanted to put a bench. At the time, I would have had to really think how to get a bench up there, I guess. Once I thought about having pic-nic baskets for people here. Haven’t put a bench high up in the woods, but walked up there a lot, and did have a hammock in the woods. I took my daughter to the woods, or we took her to the mountains for picnics when she was very little. She was potty trained at 9 months, and could say here abc’s at 1 and 2, and identifying everything. Tried to teach her everything when she was so little. She was reading before kindergarden, She was very smart at an early age. Even so, that teachers, and others would treat her unkindly. I wanted to start her in school a year early, but didn’t know how. Learning was always fun, and bought her, her first computer at age 2 or 4. Since then have built a cabin in the woods where she lived while dating and going to college for computer networking. So protective of her and things, she wasn’t really interested in driving when she turned 16, but she got a job at a Townsend Hotel, where we were proud of her for accomplishing so much there. She was attending college, and they gave her lots of resposibilities in the office, as well as her other job there. It was fun to go up and see her, and have some coffee and pie. She met some nice folks that said they would help her get a job and so forth. Jina could read fast and well, and spoke with a very impressive terminology. I sorta wanted her to work for me, but I didn’t have my business going that I wanted. When she was little, she said if I had it going, she would. It was fun once too, we went to a frame shop. + I would hold my breath on those foggy nights in the Smoky Mountains, when she would drive home on those curves from here Townsend job+. First time she drove her car, I think she forgot to put gas in it, and drove it till it was empty. Another time, she visited a friend, and sun blinded her, and she had a fender bender. Everybody was a little shook up for a little while, and had the wrecker pick her car up at home. It was a black Firebird. Sorta reminds me, I had one West Millers Cove Road. Someone pulled out of a driveway and hit my front fender in my skunk car, a 441 Olds. Driving the car that Jim gave me when we were dating.
In West Millers Cove, Walland, TN, our land ajoins the Foothills Parkway, and is only a short drive to the National Park. Having a little land, and being in the country was nice. I was glad to be on higher ground. Prior to the move from across Little River, here in Walland, TN, it got up sometimes like it was going to flood, and did after we moved out, flooding even the highway, just through the gap of the mountain, there at what used to be Rock Kings Grocery Store and Gas, now Walland Center. In the Winter, when we lived behind the store in a subdivision, I could look out and see when the river was up. Once I carried stuff upstairs, just in case the basement got flooded. It was in the 100 year flood plain where we lived. Rivers in the Smoky Mountians offers people an enjoyment of tubbing, some spots are calm, and some spots are more rapid. Some folks like kayaking or canoing. You can trout fish the streams too, Jim and his Dad used to do that. Jim and I used to fish Douglas Lake, Chilhowee, below the Dam, I think. Camp and fish, and the water was so cold, but beautiful, and fun to be out in a boat. That is what we did, troll down the lakes and fish. That was before I started a family, and in my 20’s. The lakes and rivers in the Smokies, are fun for folks, perhaps your pleasure is just sitting in the shallows in a lawn chair and watching the others go by. You can enjoy the scenery while tubing and having fun. I did it a few times, and swimming too when I was young, I remember how much fun I had doing it.
I used to deck out a dinner table with decorations around the table, pearls and ribbons, and centerpieces I made. For family and for the church. Wanted to served the public with my Art Gallery I always wanted to do from home. I have a house full of Art, and photography, and even decorated the ceilings of the home we built.
History says Cades Cove’s Becky Cable died in her Cades Cove home in 1940 at age ninety-four. At the time she and her house were located on Forge Creek Road but after her death the Great Smoky Mountain National Park service decided the Cable Mill area was a better location—for the house that is. Becky Cable was a remarkable lady who lived a long productive life in the cove. For one thing, she raised her brothers children after he and his wife became ill. But that is not all. She also ran a boarding house as well as her brother’s farm. She raised gardens, cattle and food for herself , her family and her borders. In the early Cades Cove culture, Aunt Becky had help of course from adult family members, neighbors and her brothers children.
The Cherokee Nation lived and hunted game in the Smoky Mountains. Treeties were signed by the White folks who came to the Cove. Cades Cove was named after a Chief wife Kate, Kates Cove. …..My Father in Law, Leon Gourley was born in Cades Cove. The primitive chapel graveyard will aquaint you with some of the other names of folks that lived in Cades Cove. Some of our relatives are Gregory, Ogle, Whiteheads, Olivers, …Olivers are one of the first White folks in the Cove. Indians had to help them out with their first Winter, or they would have starved. My Uncle by marriage is full Indian, and some others part…..I heard the story that Granny Ogle, was part Indian, and when Dean married Uncle Max Russell, who was Indian. Charlie didn’t approve, even though his wife was part indian of another tribe. The Indian mix marriages were looked down upon, you know. Anyway, Uncle Max’s children, and grandchildren speak a lot like the Indians, even today.
I think a lot of the folks that live in the mountain community, here in W.Millers Cove, not too far from the National park, are family of people in Cades Cove.
The land Jim’s mother gave us ajoined the Foothills Parkway, which is a senic drive in the Great Smoky Mountains, with views across the entire face of the Tennessee Valley. And the Foothills Parkway, off 321, or Lamar Alexander Parkway, being in my back door, I would drive up there a lot for taking pictures in the 70’s of sunsets and the trees, and some recently with my new digital camera. The Smokies has a rich diversity of plant and animal life. Seeing some occassionally, I was glad to be in this more beautiful place and away from the subdivision, I can remember, and with a little more land. Before, along the river where nextdoor neighbors played loud music, wasn’t too happy. They did have a little girl about the age of my daughter at the time, one year old. + We cleared a place for our home on the family property, in West Millers Cove, at Walland, TN, a spot facing those most beautiful mountains+ – (Thunderhead Mountain), I learned later, the other name, Rocky Top Tennessee. A song tital for a song written about these mountains, by the Bryant Brothers . It is the UT fight song and a TN State Song. We walked on the hill towards the other side the mountains, talked about how nice it would be to build a home at the very top. Talked about family, guns, hunting, and so on. Jim even took a picture of me holding a gun at the top of the hill, probably my camera, with my long blonde hair, while we were dating, I think, or just married. I had been fishing once for Blue Gill, a little taste of the country life, while still living with my parents. George and Jody Holland. When I was 16, they had to move to Roane Co. for that short time because of my Father’s job with the Highway Patrol. We all didn’t like it, but I stayed at the river a lot with my lab, Wolf. That was when I was 17, and had a little bit of country for 2 or 3 years. My Mom told me, I went from mini skirts and boots to T shirts and jeans like the other kids, I do remember that. I had a close friend or two, and it was when long hair on boys, was something that started fights between folks. And the only other country thing I really remember doing, is sitting on the porch of my grandparents, Mr and Mrs. R.T.Lee Sr. of Monroe County. Somebody in Mom’s family donated the building in Maryville that was a library, and now it is used by the Red Cross. I always told Jim, if I won the lottery, I would give money to the little children, like St. Judes or something.
When we were ready to build our home, decided on a spot lower on the mountain, below the mature woodland, just at the edge of it. We had a dozer come and prepare the site, and we did some clearing in the woods. We had to cut some trees, and I decided to turn the home just a little where another mountain range could be viewed too. Jim was on the night shift at Alcoa Aluminum Co. and he stayed up sometimes when he got in and worked on the house. He helped the framers some, and stayed around while they worked, learning things. We were still in transition from the house on the river, but getting everything ready. Alcoa Aluminum Co. was getting ready to lay people off when we built our home.
It snowed 16 inches of snow the very next day after moving into our new home, April 2, 1982, I will never forget. The house was only framed in when we had to move in. A couple from Florida had bought our home on the river and gave us about a couple of months to get in our new home. We took what we got out of our old home and went as far as we could on the new one. It wasn’t exactly finished like you would think, a fresh start, but had to learn and do what was needed to finish it. We rented videos or went to the library for reference. Some friends helped with information, and a friend, Danny was an electrician, so he wired the basement and put in the outlets down in the basement. Concrete floors and see through walls, that is what our home looked like when we went as far on the new one. I worked at the Blount Memorial Hospital, in ICU and CCU. Jina, our daughter was one or two years old, we were 30, and Jim had been attending training offered by the local ALCOA aluminum plant. We were moved in, the family Cocker Spaniel, Buffy had 10 puppies. “I can still remember”…it was about 25 years ago… The porch collums were not up yet, no siding, no soffit, the furniture was piled up in the upstairs exposed to the cold. + We moved things around room to room, while we finished a room at a time.+ We had a trail we walked in the woodland a lot, we cleared out some of the woods and while burning some piles of wood, I got a little too close, and singed my eyebrows off. We burned wood in a wood stove, cut wood for the woodstove from the woods and bought wood too. I always carried water and drinks to the work site, we wanted to clear the woods for trails. I had our water up there, and we would set and talk while we rested from working. I wanted to start planting a few things in the woods, and build a cabin, which we did when our daughter was older. We put up a hammock in the woods, and had a spot picked out for a bench. The view of the Thunderhead Mountain, beautiful from there. On the property, Jim told me where the pig lot used to be, and so forth. They smoked hams in the smoke house. I remember some of the stories, and the cribs, buildings that used to be here on the farm, owned by Charley Ogle, and Leona. His Great Grandfather’s name was Abe Ogle, just for some that might be interested in history of people in the Smoky Mountains. This old farm was called Thunderhead View Farm, hence, the mountain view. Jim’s Grandpa Ogle had a few cows, and Jim said a bull that got after him, almost goared him. They raised tobacco, had pigs, and chickens. Jim told me what it was like growing up on the farm here. I remember the old corn crib, just like the ones at Cades Cove, but I had to ask what it was. On the old farm, Jim took buckets from the cistrin pump to water the garden. I couldn’t believe he lived like that. We had water hoses. ….
When we were first married, and moved up here in the country, I saw a tractor go down the road, and a farmer with a hat on, I said, “what kind of outfit was that?” something I wasn’t used to seeing. Our grandparents time was what he lived like. I remember the barn and cistern that caught water which was here before we started to build the house. His Grandmother Leona Ogle, I got to know pretty well. She and Jims Dad died a year apart. I actually have the old ice box that came out of the barn. I really wanted the old grey wood that was on the barn for my art or to put on the walls in our home, but Jim’s Mom had the barn removed during that time, and more of the land was made available to family. Jim’s Aunt Dean Russell, and Uncle Max moved into the little white house that his Grandmother, Leona and Charlie Ogle lived in, and Dean wanted to give her son a piece of land behind her. So Jim’s cousin was going to be our neighbors, the one I knew from 2nd grade, and went to college with. Ikey Russell married Carol, and they eventually had 4 children, 5 years apart. Jim told me how he rode his Grandpa’s farm equipment, funny things his Grandpa would do. Charlie Ogle was sorta childish in some ways, it sounded to me, “I guess old men can be that way.” anyhow… his daughters, Jim’s Mom, June, and Aunt Dean were close, and did a lot together, sometimes they would get mad at each other, but just for a day or two. One would try and outdo the other sometimes, but they were close, even experienced losing their husbands close together. They sorta really depended on family for a while then, but everybody had things they were really busy with in their lives. That was some of the family history events that stands out in my mind. Our grandparents time was almost horse and buggy days, and they went through the depression, so taught, get buy on what you had. Jim would straighten nails to re-use them, and I kept a lot of stuff too, and would make something out of nothing. Did everything myself eventually, learning lots. But, everybody keeping so much stuff, I think now that is one reason they are having all the shows on TV on how to get rid of things.
I remember we were burning wood for heat, and there were no insulation up in the ceiling yet, or none on the walls on the inside. While living in the basement and working on the house, I remember cutting the insulation boards and placing them between the stud walls on the walls to the outside. Jim put up some panelling in a couple of rooms in the basement, and we sheetrocked the rest. Painting the walls became my job, I liked painting. The basement I fixed up like a finished house, and had my art studio down there too. Right now I am painting the walls like wallpaper in the basement, then going to do a mural upstairs.
June, my Mother in law, kept Jina for a very short time, a few months, before I quit working at the hospital to be a stay at home Mom. +Cooking and entertaining was what I liked doing while in our first home. June decided to build a new home too after Leon had died with that heart attack at 56. She had some bad luck with husbands, she had 3 to die on her. I wasn’t working in Coronary Care at the time, but wondered what it would be like if family had ever been a patient while I was working there. Jim’s Dad seemed to be a nice man, but shy. I do remember him giving me the first cantilope that I thought was the best tasting one I had ever eaten, just out of his garden. I think that was what got me to wanting to grow them, and did. I really didn’t get to know him as much as I did Henry. Henry was her second husband, Henry Reed and his sons, the brick layers to her home, she was having a new one built at the same time we were working 0n ours. Hilda and Gary moved in the old home, Jim’s sister and her husband. Henry helped us with some building on our house. He taught us how to lay brick, me and Henry worked on the front steps together. Jim and Henry layed a brick retaining wall to the side of the house. Also, Jim and Henry worked on a wall and some bookshelves in the livingroom. Henry had the funniest laugh, you couldn’t forget it. June and Henry lived down the driveway closer to the road, and I would walk Jina to the school bus and stop and see them. Henry smoked a lot, I would go down and set on the porch with him and drink coffee and smoke while he told me stories about heaven. How beautiful the trees were and the leaves, and floating just above the ground, being young again, etc. He was a brick layer, building the 1982 Worlds Fair in Knoxville, Tn and fell through a skylight. He said he was unconscious for a while and had a near death experience. I showed Henry one of my paintings, he said I should be doing that, instead of raising dogs. I had some Poodles and Cockers. The cat picture is uploaded at Redbubble that I showed him. Cats and horses are some of my favorite things to oil paint.
I learned some crocheting from Jim’s aunt for a pass time, and she said I was the fastest to learn she had ever seen. I really wanted to learn it, making lots of the afgans that were popular at the time. I was into ceramics and making things at a Geneva and Wayne Garland’s ceramic shop down the street. I enjoyed this much more than working in offices. I made vases and stuff for the house, they were with gold trim or something fancy. I had really expensive taste. Loved making nativity scenes, christmas trees and ornaments. And I started to sell some, but I spent so much time making them, I didn’t want to give them up, as I did my paintings, I would never let go of too many. Loved anything to do with Art, and always involved in creating something beautiful. Learned wallpapering so I could do some at our house, and Jim learned electrical. Our new home took many years to build, but decorating was my thing.

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History of My life and experiences, - Home in the Smoky Mountains of TN by 

Inspired to write my life story adding information to a photo of our home in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. I was a city girl that married a country boy. read down into the story, some history-GSMNP,young experiences and religious


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Would like a garden book published of all my garden images and documentations about my work. I need to publish Bible Books-sample See"Vine and Branches" Also Garden work.Available to Publish, just for free marketing, information to help magazines, and people. “Smoky Mountains, Gourley Garden, Lizards, Art” written information that you find here. Copy to my address. My garden ajoins the Foothills Parkway land of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Internatonal Biosphere Reserve
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