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Green Anolis Carolinensis Lizards mating in a pink Magnolia Tree. Tennessee Smoky Mountains, Photographers garden, Anole Lizard Habitat. These lizards inhibit tropical and subtropical America. Tropical Lizards in a tropical place in TN. Some people call these Chamelleons because they can turn this bright green. 3 factors influence their color change, temporature, light and emotion. Camouflauged, they are hard to see some times. If they are not in plain sight, I watch for a movement of the leaves. This is the first time I have seen them in Magnolia trees, which are virgually pest free. Anole are insectavores, beneficial to gardens. Mating begins about April and lasts till late Summer. Notice their differences, for when they are not together, males have a slightly larger head or snout. Females have a white design down her back. Gourley Garden ajoining the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Found in Southeastern USA, Cuba, Jamaica, and other Caribbean islands. Only the green anole is native to the U.S.; all others are released or escaped pets, many of which have survived and bred in the U.S.; the other six species are native to the Caribbean islands. The vast majority of green anoles sold in the pet trade are wild caught in the Southeastern U.S. There are over 36 species of non-native anoles breeding in the wilds in Florida (out of an estimated total of 250 anole species in the world), and there has been considerable interbreeding so markings may be considerably altered from the true wild types. Anole tropical lizards breeding in the wild at Gourley Garden, habitat in the Smoky Mountains. Research 2nd part from internet site Melissa Caplain
Canon Sure shot S31S most of the time, just use a auto setting…night, motion, portrait mode, daylight, mountain views, etc.

Would like a garden book published of all my garden images and documentations about my work. I need to publish Bible Books-sample See"Vine and Branches" Also Garden work.Available to Publish, just for free marketing, information to help magazines, and people. “Smoky Mountains, Gourley Garden, Lizards, Art” written information that you find here. Copy to my address. My garden ajoins the Foothills Parkway land of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Internatonal Biosphere Reserve
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  • nysjoyce10
    nysjoyce10over 4 years ago

    Oh my! They are beautiful creatures. Excellent shot.

  • Thanks for your reaction to the Anole Lizards in my garden, Gourley Garden in the Smoky Mountains. At first, I thought you were from Charleston, SC when I looked, saw NY

    – JeffeeArt4u

  • Victoria Jostes
    Victoria Jostesover 4 years ago

    a pretty cool lizard shot, and a most informative write-up! have seen these before. are they the ones that move so very fast?

  • Glad you liked the write up about the Anole Lizards. Research more about them, once in a while and find something I didn’t know.

    – JeffeeArt4u

  • EagleHunter
    EagleHunterover 4 years ago

    Oh my! I think they need a private moment.

  • I was riding my mower around in the garden, and had my camera, if I hadn’t looked when I did, they could have hit me in the face as I went by. Perhaps they do need a private moment, but I just turned the mower off and watched them and they watched me. There was one shot I wouldn’t upload, X rated after they parted. First time witnessed a lizard boner

    – JeffeeArt4u

  • BlackSwan
    BlackSwanalmost 4 years ago

    Great nature – image!

  • Glad you liked the mating Anolis Carolinensis,….late reply, I still enjoy them in my garden in the Smoky Mountains of TN. Read other invitations to the garden, or history of my life events building our home in the Smoky Mountains, history

    – JeffeeArt4u

  • Trish Meyer
    Trish Meyeralmost 4 years ago

    one image a day please

  • JeffeeArt4u
    JeffeeArt4uover 3 years ago

    I have seen more mating pairs of lizards than ever lately. I wondered if pregnant females mate, and they do, perhaps to furtilize more eggs, since then lay them at different times, one or two every two weeks over two breeding seasons a year. Also, a female got aggressive when she found another female mating with the male. Someting new I learned.

  • Marie Brown ©
    Marie Brown ©over 3 years ago


  • I still enjoy the Anolis Carolinensis in my TN Smoky Mountains garden…..or look for the Smoky Mountain foggy mornings or after the rain to enjoy it. Late Reply Thanks

    – JeffeeArt4u

  • Llawphotography
    Llawphotographyover 3 years ago

    Lovely shot! Well done on the feature.

  • Late reply…I guess you like the Anolis Carolinensis. I took some shots today of them shedding their skin, guess September is a shedding time along with seeing hatchlings. I don’t think there is a specific month for shedding, have seen them in the Spring too, just any growth for them I guess. There is one good shot of an Anole shedding its skin in the gallery already.

    – JeffeeArt4u

  • Ray Clarke
    Ray Clarkealmost 3 years ago

  • I still enjoy the Anolis Carolinensis Lizards in my garden ajoining the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, along with the other 10 species. Birds are a favorite too. I get up and look for the Smoky Mountain smoky fog, early or after the rain. I have trails through my garden, I can enjoy….and a view of the Thunderhead Mountains on the TN/NC line.

    – JeffeeArt4u

  • Ray Clarke
    Ray Clarkealmost 3 years ago

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