Anole Lizard-Bright Green Camouflage by JeffeeArt4u

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Anole Lizard-Bright Green Camouflage by 

Anole Lizards have the ability to turn bright green, sometimes called the American chameleon. 3 factors influence color change, temperature, light, and emotion. Complex interactions, in a matter of seconds, it changes color, also camouflaged. They practice techniques in hiding too, or being unnoticed. They will be still at times, and scrunching down around something. Fast at other times, or jumping and running away.
A healthy male, with a quick jump onto a schrub, is what happened in the picture. Male Anole Lizards can support a herum of 5 females, and are more aggressive at mating season, which is twice a year, 4 months each time. They are somewhat territorial, but a harmless lizard. They don’t fight until another dies, but will squabble over who get the spot sometimes. Research told me that when they do fight, the winner turns bright green. I have seen all different sizes of Anole all huddled up in a corner on our deck, while it was cold, but the sun was out, near a favorite spot they are usually watching for insects. I have upload Anole Lizard images of this huddle. And since, have had the Anole to be laying on our front steps 5 at at time, lots more on the house. Private Gourley Garden, (Anole Habitat) in the Smoky Mountains near the Foothills Parkway in TN. / USA

Perhaps you could find an Anole at Gregory’s Bald, on the Azaleas, they sure do love the Azaleas here. I have seen 5 or 6 in one bush at a time feasting on a small flying insect like a sweat bee. It looked as though, perhaps Mom Anole teaching her young. Private Gourley Garden, (Anole Habitat) Smoky Mountains, land ajoins Foothills Parkway.
It was rare for me to see Anole in a battle, but since watching them more closely, have noticed quite a few mating battles between males prior to mating season,for rights to mate with females in the area. Also, they will display their dewlaps in order to scare the other away from their hunting ground. They get a little puffed up, and dark spots appear behind the eyes. Look a little mean and ugly to scar the apponient away. I have seen small hatchlings practice this action, and even showing black spots behind the eyes.
Sometimes it is hard to notice these tropical green lizards, they can be fast, and blend in with nature. You just watch for a twig to move, then you can spot one. This one was so bright, but just a flash, and I saw him. Sometimes they are slow and lazy. Males are slightly larger than females, and the females have a white design down their back.
I would love a book made of all the Anolis Carolinensis Lizards. Did you know TN had tropical lizards? 1207 views 8/11 Maybe this is the most looked at image I have, and I thought it was Horses of the Smokies Painting or a image of the Cable Mill House painting.
Canon Sure shot S31S


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Would like a garden book published of all my garden images and documentations about my work. I need to publish Bible Books-sample See"Vine and Branches" Also Garden work.Available to Publish, just for free marketing, information to help magazines, and people. “Smoky Mountains, Gourley Garden, Lizards, Art” written information that you find here. Copy to my address. My garden ajoins the Foothills Parkway land of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Internatonal Biosphere Reserve
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  • eoconnor
    eoconnorover 4 years ago

    great take !! LIZ

  • Thanks for the comment on the bright green Anole Lizard. I went out and watched them for a while today and went in and got my camera and took a few. Having trouble uploading from my camera, but would like to add my new ones. Nice to meet you Liz

    – JeffeeArt4u

  • redladyart
    redladyartover 4 years ago

    Congrats on your FEATURE in the “Aqua, Lime & Indigo” group! :)

  • I have been taking new images of the Anole, but I think I will have to clear off images before I can upload. New batch is hanging around on the porch, and they took refuge from the cold in their favorite place, the rocks in the landscaping. I have been trying to work outside, what have you been up to?

    – JeffeeArt4u

  • leystan
    leystanover 4 years ago

    wonderful capture …and a lovely Green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day!

  • Magaret Meintjes
    Magaret Meintjesover 3 years ago

    Great capture!

    1 Day 24 Nov – limit 20

  • The Bright green Anolis Carolinensis Lizard, in Azalea bushes near the house, I have caught as many as four in one bush in my TN garden to photograph.
    Not sure how many I have in the group yet, only send the very best usually. How would I know? I need to clear off pictures anyway.

    – JeffeeArt4u

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