Walland, TN, United States

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Learned Something New About the Lizards in my TN Habitat

The Anolis Carolinensis Lizard – pregnant females do mate, perhaps to fertilize more eggs since they lay one or two every week or so, during two seasons. Also, a female got aggressive when she found another female mating with the male. She actually acted like a male does during breeding season. Rared up, ready to fight, and she happened to be one of the females with a small dewlap, displaying it too. Sorry I only have a couple of mating pairs uploaded, but have seen more this year than ever. Trying to publish a book on the garden and the lizards that thrive in Gourley Garden in the Smoky Mountains. I have wanted to do more framing of my artwork,… I even like lizard art framed, sitting by some flowers. The frame work I have done is trim work in a couple of houses, I like doing the little frames that you just pop in a print, or ready mades for larger work. Very little have I tried to sell, they decorate the home gallery. Painting design on ceilings, on the ones that I didn’t decorate with wallpaper. Plenty of up-close photos of the Anole, garden and more, see them grouping together to take refuge from the winter cold, but they come out and sun, they don’t hypernate….Licking rocks or leaves for a drink, and tiny hatchlings small enough to hide under a 3 leaf clover, some not much bigger before the cold sets in. TN 20 or zero, enjoy making you a habitat. The lizards are famous for their bright green color change. Kids love them too, but learn more about care, habitats outdoors and enjoyment having them around in your garden. They are always fun to photo in the garden, and always looking for them. View the gallery habits of Anolis Carolinensis to view it. Jeffee


  • Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos
    Konstantinos A...over 2 years ago

    19 May 2012 – 1 image per 24hrs

  • JeffeeArt4u
    JeffeeArt4uover 2 years ago

    The image of the aggressive female is documented at the Behaviors of Anole Lizards – my observations are all from my garden in TN