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-——————————————- Erhan OZBIYIK -——————————————-

I do not have the fear of darkness; The light inside of my heart is enough to lighten my path..

-——————————————- Erhan OZBIYIK -——————————————-

Although people called me professional photographer, I was never about “titles” and have never been..

A simple shot can; explain, move, point out and or manipulate the thoughts..
It is a visual art as well as reflecting “the invisibility”. Photography is the art of training the eyes & The Eye In The Heart..

I currently am owning a Nikon D-60 KIT with two lenses ( 18mm – 55mm NIKON DX/ 70mm-300mm TAMRON ) and a tripod.. It has amazing performance at dusty, rainy, humid, cold weather and high altitude ( apprx. 0 – 20.000 ft ) conditions..

I use my camera always as manual.. I enjoy taking pictures at hard conditions based on photography knowledge.. So do not use filters or flash.
I like natural shots under the sunlight or night light and especially long exposure photography..

What I try to do is, as is shots, or straight from the camera: no crop or treatment except HDR serial shots.. ( I use 9/10 shots exposure most of the times )

I am in to anything makes me feels real good. I enjoy every moment of my life and learning is my passion…

Talking / thinking about anything brings more intelligence and new ideas maybe realities too.. Besides taking picture;
I love listening and making music in a home studio. I am a home composer as well . Some of my works are at SOUNDCLOUD

I like reading, writing, walking, driving, swimming, diving, repairing electronics; I love radio control models. I am in to psychology, graphology and transactional analysis..
A climber since I am 14; with or without any equipment.. Been on many peaks in the country or abroad.. I keep up expeditions and most of the times alone / called as SOLO CLIMBING. I enjoy challenging myself.. I was born in 1972.
Most valuable fact of the universe to me is K N O W L E D G E … I believe in being a good person, the better person and the better..

MY RECIPE of a personality:
1.Being honest.
2.Being fair.
3.Being patient.
4.Being researcher.
5.Helping others as much as I can.
6.Never expecting anything from anyone.
7.Being humanist..
8.Hoping the good and working for good and reaching good/deserved.
9.Sacrifice is a word in my life…

My door is open for everyone I can learn from.
And I believe, there is always something we can learn from each-other.
I like independent, confident people.
I accept everyone as they are and I dislike liars…
Feel free to criticize my works…
Thank you very much for your supports, buys, comments and views.

Antalya, TURKEY

  • Age: 42
  • Joined: June 2007



I have a new website
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GREAT DJ-Composers BORN....

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