I have a great passion and love for photographing the wild horses in Ely,Nevada, also the Western way of life. Ely is a great place to live,with many opportunities for taking photographs
I am a member of Cowboy Artist And Photographers International, also an alumni of the New York Institute Of Photography.
Several years ago when I moved to the high desert country of Northeastern Nevada and discovered wild horses, I fell in love with these powerful, majestic animals. To see the beauty and grace of our free roaming wild horses is magnificent feeling ,it leaves you feeling peaceful. You begin to appreciate all the breathtaking wonders of nature in the vast desert wilderness country.
It is pure joy being out in the wilderness, interacting with wild horses as I capture their beauty on film. I hope viewers of my work will come away with a greater awareness of our western heritage, the wild horses including the ranching way of life!
Jeanne Nations/photographer

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Posting images of your photographs

Could someone please explain to me how to post photos of my images showing them in frames, as cards, mounted prints , etc so when someone clicks on an image they can see how it will look under the buy it now prints on the right side of the page? Thanks for any tech help on this, kind regards Jeanne Nations
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