This is the Redbubble page of Shayani A. Turko a self-taught visual artist, a writer (graduate of the University of Winnipeg), and Facilitator of the Awakening A Bold Love Story.

She likens her life to a canvas upon which a greater Artist continues to create an elaborate and masterful story…If you look closely at the surface of this canvas, you will see that it is not even, but is textured with rough blotches everywhere. Taking a step back, you will immediately notice the vibrant, fiery colours jumping out of the canvas with a life of their own, giving you an inkling of the passion which fuels the life of this particular masterpiece. But the colours that paint this piece are not all fire and passion. You will see, if you are in no hurry to go to the next piece of work in this vast Gallery, that interspersed with the bright colours are soft and subtle hues, inviting you to a deeper mood of quiet contemplation.

Shayani’s art flows out who she is. From her childhood, owing to her visual impairment, Shayani was forced to not rely merely on what her physical eyes perceived, but to look beyond her limitations, to a liminal place where ‘reality’ and ‘possibility’ are held in tension.

Therefore her work touches and flows between the realms of the real, whimsical, surreal, and abstract.

As Shayani expresses herself with myriad colours through oil, acrylic, watercolours, photography, and carefully crafted words, she provokes one to dream of ‘possibility’ beyond reality.

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Dance Like David

The Spirit of the LORD…. / There are mysteries in God that totally shake you up , when you find yourself right in the middle of them. / My most recent one, in which I am still in the centre of (even as I write this), is Rejoicing in God. You know where it says in the Bible that even though there is no cattle in the barn I will still rejoice in You (Hab 3:17) and Rejoice in all circumstanc…
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The Furious Love for David

I was watching King David, with Richard Gere as King David today. Artistically the movie often hits great places. For example the intensity in the opening scene with King Saul and the prophet Samuel, captivates you immediately. The portrayal of the brotherly love between David and Jonathan is the best I have seen so far. The filmmakers were capturing the tenderness, the covenant and the loyalty…
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