My name is John Cocoris,
I am a self-taught artist and I started painting in oil paints in 1972,
Most of the oil painting scenes I paint are created from my imagination.
Depending how I feel I just think of a place and an atmosphere I feel like being in at that particular time and I start painting that scene.
I have exhibited in several Art Galleries in the past and I like to paint freely and paint what I feel.
Thank you for taking the time to view my artwork.
Best Regards, John Cocoris

  • Age: 71
  • Joined: September 2009


Custom Oil Painting Calendars By John Cocoris

If any body wishes to have a calendar of my art work custom made with the oil paintings of there choice ( There is 58 oil paintings to choose from ) please feel free to pick and name any 13 oil paintings and BubbleMail or email me on – – with the names of the 13 paintings and i will be very happy to custom create your calendar for you. / Regards – John C…
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