My name is John Cocoris and i do not enforce copyrights for my artwork so if any student artist that thinks any of my artwork is good enough to copy and wishes to copy them you are very welcome to do so.It is only art so it’s no big deal !!
I am a self taught artist and i started painting in oil paints in 1972 and after 40 years of painting in oil paints i am still learning how to paint.
Most of the oil painting scenes i paint are created from my imagination.
Depending how i feel i just think of a place and a atmosphere i feel like being in at that particular time and i start painting that scene.
I have exhibited in several Art Galleries in the past and i have had many offers to do commission work but i have always without hesitation gratefully refused all commissions.
I have never taken on a commission and i never will no mater how much money i am offered because i like to paint freely and paint what i feel and want to paint.
My biggest reward for all the years i have been painting is if any one of my paintings is still around and hanging on somebody’s wall a few hundred years from now because they found it in a attic and did not end up in the local rubbish tip that would be great!!!. If not! No worries!! I just love painting no matter what the outcome is.
Thank you for taking the time to view my artwork.
Best Regards, John Cocoris
If you are interested in any of my artworks please feel free to email me at –

  • Age: 70
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Custom Oil Painting Calendars By John Cocoris

If any body wishes to have a calendar of my art work custom made with the oil paintings of there choice ( There is 58 oil paintings to choose from ) please feel free to pick and name any 13 oil paintings and BubbleMail or email me on – – with the names of the 13 paintings and i will be very happy to custom create your calendar for you. / Regards – John C…
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