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Sailor's Delusions, Piece of the week 03/27/2014! Thanks guys!

It was totally unexpected for me. RB’s guys choose one of my jobs as piece of the week.
First time that happens to me, I hope not the last.

Sailor’s delusion was made in 2011. At that time I had a little obsession: to have a winning design on Threadless, which, by the way, never happened.
On the other hand my progress in digital illustration were pretty awkward. Trying to handle a second hand graphics tablet and did not quite get the trick. Each finished work was a small victory.
Time has passed and I have often thought to rework this piece but for one reason or another I left the issue aside.
Perhaps this is the sign I needed to do it.

Thanks RB.

They do it too. Featured in Found 09/29/2013

It’s funny how some works you do and you almost forget (because you see it as a test or unfinished ideas, failed submissions or simply think is not your style) result in interesting stuff to show.

I considered it a bit anarchic and punk-ish style and was a little reluctant to put it in my gallery.
I can be wrong but I think it is clear that you shouldn’t be the only one to decide if what you create may like or dislike.

Show it and people will decide.

Thanks guys!