Machesney Park, United States

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Thank you for spending some of your valuable time to view these humble photographs. As an amateur, it is amazing the number of people who have pause to view the images posted here. These pictures are glimpses of my small world, and the odd things that catch my eye. Please take a moment and leave some feedback. It is always good to hear what others think and feel about these images.

Thank you again for stopping – peace be with you.

My images do not belong to the public domain. All images are copyrighted ©jclegge.

They are not to be published, reproduced, modified, transferred and/or used in any way or in any part thereof without my written permission.

-thank you
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The Walk from the Widget King

“Walk with me,” the old Widget King sternly said to the young engineer. It was a beautiful summer’s evening, one which wasn’t neither too cool, nor too hot, with a soft breeze rustling the leaves of the tree line street. Decorative iron streetlights cast their glow along the sidewalk the as two men strolled. / “You are on a very dangerous course, young man, and I think you need to know why thin…
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A Summer's Morning

This morning / The sky was a deep blue with whisks of white clouds. / The air was neither too warm or too cool, and a soft breeze blew just enough to rustle the leaves of the tree. / That morning, / The breeze softly rustled the curtain of the bedroom window, and song birds sang in the yard. / It was the first day of summer break and there was no school bus to catch, no cares in the world. / T…
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Where have all the fireflies gone? / As a child the yard was filled with them, / glowing and swishing their faint yellow light as they flew. / We laugh with joy as we chased and gently caught them in hand, / and watched their light flash with amazement. / Or capture them in a jaw and watched them light the dusk; / freeing them when Mom called us in. / Then life got busy, / and the fireflies faded…
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Reflections on My Friends Birthday

What happen to us? / We had a lifetime ahead of us, / And the warning of the old for our guide; / “That will never happen to us….” / … they laughed. / Suddenly we became mortal. / Aware of time becoming fleeting, / Though we are young at heart, we are young no more. / The river of time slowly carries us to our graves, / As it always has, / But now we can feel the current’s tug. / Life becam…
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