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A long low and four sales

This time my spring period of low mood, energy and inspiration took as long as five months, from February to July. This is why you saw so little of me during these months.
The depression was mostly not of high intensity, but it just kept my head down continuously. Never before I did so little photographic work, a clear sign that the depression took its price.
Behind it actually was the threat of a new kidney operation, suddenly popping up after a control in end January. It took several tests etc. to clear the scene which only happened in July.
All this asked a lot of patience. But please do not think there was no sunshine for me altogether. Many daily life experiences, especially with the grandchildren, fortunately still were a source of many moments of happiness.
To our great joy the rea…

Seven Years on Redbubble 2008 - 2015

Dear friends and watchers,

Yesterday I placed my submission no. 1000 on this gallery. It is nice that this goes together with my 7th anniversary on Redbubble. While my second gallery here, the lightthinker one, has come to a standstill in the meantime, the other active two galleries on deviantArt still are flourishing too. And in March it will be even 10 ago that I started on my first jchanders gallery on deviantArt (1583 deviations by now). So the galleries do keep me busy!

Indeed they – together with going digital in photography – have changed my life. While I started taking pictures far back in 1955 with a box camera and was happy to have a “real” camera from 1959 and my first single lense reflex from 1973, it had nearly always been holiday and familiy photography up to 2004. Only wit…

The Sale of a Print

Today I want to thank the unknown buyer who a few days ago bought a print of my “Lightthinker pays his respects”. I like this picture very much myself, and so I am very happy that a print of this picture will be on someone’s wall somewhere in the far and wide world. Ever so many thanks for buying this print.
Here the picture:

More Sales

Again I got the lovely messages of three more sales. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I want to thank the buyers here, both the known one who wrote a most welcome Bmail und the unknown one.
It is once again a great experience to know my pictures are so much valued. Whether a print or postcards, the beauty of nature is spread. So many, many thanks for this lovely gift.
Here the pictures of the cards:

And here the picture of the print:

The Sale of a Poster

Yesterday RB presented me with a most delightful surprise for which I am very grateful. An unknown buyer bought a poster of the following picture. Actually it stands at the top of my „all time popular“ gallery. Many, many thanks for this lovely gift.

Here the picture:

Bassen Thorpe Gallery Artist of the Month and sales

To my great delight I was chosen as the spotlighted artist of the month in the Bassen Thorpe Gallery. With its special emphasis on high quality, it attracts great work. I am all the more honoured to find my pictures in this spotlighted position. It is with the greatest gratitude that I express my thanks here! After all it is a most welcome and heartwarming boost to my somewhat diminishing powers. Ever so many thanks to the hosts of the gallery!!!

You find the spotlight in the April Forum of the Bassen Thorpe Gallery here:
Please take a look and enjoy.

Further I want to thank the two unknown buyers after all who bought cards of two of my pictures some weeks ago. After all I a…

Five Bubbling Years 2008 - 2013

Dear friends and watchers,

It is now five years ago that I started this gallery on Redbubble. With 808 pictures and 393 810 views as on this day it has flourished more than I ever could hope. And even a second gallery, my Lightthinker one, was added to it!

So many happy moments taken and shared! So many stimulating comments and also wonderfully heartwarming and encouraging reactions from so many of you. So many highly valued features in so many exciting groups! I cannot find the words to say what all this has meant to me in the past years in all its dimensions, but it has been a surely wonderful experience. And many of you have been uplifting when I was down and in pour health. Fortunately I seem to be on a safer coast at the moment.

Not to forget: so many wonderful pictures found and oft…

A Sale and the RB Homepage for a lightthinker picture

This week the RB community presented me with two lovely gifts. I am most grateful for both.
First an unknown buyer bought a photographic print of the following picture. Many, many thanks for this lovely Christmas present:
Here the print:

And then I got the message today from the RB team that one of their homepage curators picked one of my images “because they thought it was brilliant”, i.e. Lightthought 49. Don’t we all like to be told that we have a brilliant picture in our gallery. So I take the opportunity to thank this unknown homepage curator here ever so much too. Actually the picture is not on this gallery, but on my Lightthinker one. But as more people follow this gallery, I spread the good message here.
And here my Lightthought No. 49 picture:

Last but not least I wish everyone who r…

Recent sales

To my great joy some of you found several of my pictures so attractive that they bought a print of greeting card of them. Though I did not immediately thank you for it in case of the cards, let me tell you that I was and still am most grateful for all of your purchases. It is a great pleasure to know that some of my shots have now crossed to some near or far part of the World. Ever so many thanks for it.
Please click on an image to be taken to its page.
Sold as a photographic print:

Sold as a greeting card:

Some recent features on both my galleries

While I generally try to thank the hosts individually of the various groups that have featured shots of mine, I find it a nice idea at the beginning of this year to present you with an overview of some recent features both on this gallery and on my lightthinker one. It is at the same time a good opportunity to thank all hosts once again for their delightful support of my work on both galleries. The last year was not always easy. So I am all the more happy to know that my pictures are still appreciated by so many of you.

Enjoy the pictures again, or for the first time if you do not know them yet!

In „Horse and Rider“, „Equine Art and Photography “, “Nature and Man”, „European Everyday Life“ and „Around the World“:

In „Trees, Beautiful Trees “, “Natures’ Symphony of Trees and Flowers”, “Gl…

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