Hilversum, Netherlands

As a retired historian, I have a wide interest in nature photography. Please also note my second gallery on Redbubble: / lightthinker


Many new features once again (6th November 2009)

Once again many shots of mine were featured in the last weeks. So it is high time for a new feature journal. After all I do not want to forget to express my great gratitude to all the hosts of the various groups with my full heart. Again some shots were featured several times. It is such a boost to meet with so much wonderful interest and support again and again. And I can tell you: it does help a lot to keep me active.…

Let me also say once again that I am ever so grateful for all your kind caring about my well-being. All your good thoughts and wishes have been a great help. I am very glad that I can tell you here too that things are going well. I am still limiting my trips in number and length, but can go out on my bike again. And so fortunately I have been able to pick some good autumn

After treatment (25th October 2009)

Hi Friends,
Last Wednesday I was treated at the Amsterdam Medical Centre for my heart problems. It was a so-called coronary angioplasty, with only local anathetics used. Two stents were placed. Everything went well, and I could go home on Thursday.
While I had been just too nervous to write about the forthcoming treatment on the days beforehand, afterwards I first had to overcome the post-treatment effects. They actually were stronger than I had expected. Still, here I am again a few days later! I am glad it was no open-heart operation. Then the recovery time would take much longer …
There is no chance yet to go out to my beloved forests here around Hilversum, but there are still some old shots in the archive which I could show you and hopefully you will like to see.
If only …! If only I had…

It is high time for the new features (11th October 2009)

In the last weeks many shots of mine were featured again. So it is high time for a „normal“ journal again after all the health matters. Once again I want to express my thanks to the various hosts with my full heart. Some shots were featured several times, one of them even six times. I appreciate your support very much indeed. It is such a joy to meet with so much wonderful support again and again.
And once again ever so many thanks for the caring and encouragement of so many of you who have sent very good information, sound advice and all their good thoughts and prayers.
Here the featured shots. I hope you shall enjoy them again.
In „Your Magic Place“:

In „Your Magic Place“ and „Sun Rays“:

In „A Garden Somewhere“:

In „ImageWriting“, „A Garden Somewhere“, „European Everyday Life“ and „Peace, Lo…

Vital decisions have been taken (9th October 2009)

Dear friends,…

Please allow me to give this same message again to all my friends on deviantArt and Redbubble.

Indeed I can tell you today that the decision has been taken for the so-called angioplasty. So the much more heavy by-pass surgery will not have to happen. The Hilversum cardiologist had indeed been doubtful whether the opening-up of the arteries and the placing of stents would be possible and sufficient, but the Amsterdam heart team wants to do just this.

The other decision is that the operation will happen within a month´s time. Thus fortunately not considered to be in the speed-lane of high-risk patients, I have been put on a much slower lane. When I hear, however, that not-risk patients have to wait for their bypass-operation at the Amsterdam University Medical Centre for up to

A bit of a bang (1st October 2009)

Dear friends,
Please forgive me for writing these lines to my deviantArt and my Redbubble friends in the same way. On both galleries I have got so many wonderfully encouraging messages that my thanks go to you all in the very same manner.
There is no denying the fact that the news this morning are not really good. Well, of course, things could have been still worse, much worse. After all the diagnosis of yesterday’s heart cath revealed a pretty good chance that everything could have been just fatal.
With the right heart artery completely closed, the left one pretty much narrowed too, I wonder how long it would have taken before a final blow would had thrown me off my bike.
You will not be surprised that this diagnosis came over to me and my dear ones as quite a bang. All the more as my symp…

My heart (29th September 2009)

Perspectives can change pretty quickly at times. While I worried last week about an art theft from my lightthinker-gallery on deviantArt (I wrote about it here: http://jchanders.deviantart.com/journal/27400512/ ) and had wanted to tell you about it too, it is now a matter of minor importance. My heart has taken over ……

I actually had had some very light heart complaints already in June and then again during our vacation. Last week they came back. Nothing to dramatise, I thought, when I went to my family doctor yesterday on my bike. Well, there was no going home on that bike. Instead of that I was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

I had all sorts of checks and tests during the day and fortunately could return home with some medication late in the afternoon, this time just by taxi. But the

A homepage feature, 4 sales en more features (15th September 2009)

To my great pleasure there are a lot of wonderful things to make notice of and certainly more important to express my gratitude for.…

A home page feature on Redbubble is certainly a first-prize event, and I am most grateful that again one of my pictures has been chosen for this delightful bit of promotion.

Another great discovery after my return from our holidays were the three sales. Another one was earlier, but alas I had somehow overlooked it. Many, many thanks to those who bought them. One was sold as a poster, one as a laminted print and two as a greeting card.

There were too quite a number of features again, some already from the period before the vacation. I may have lost some, I am afraid, but still I want to thank all the hosts of the various groups very, very much indeed fo

Reconnected! (7th August 2009)

Hi all,
I do not know what did the trick, but I discovered a few moments ago that my link to Redbubble works again normally. Perhaps it was due to what Geoff from the RB support team did (in that case the problem was not with my provider UPC), perhaps it was something that was achieved by UPC action.
I can only say that the link did not work yesterday night. So I could only approach RB by a proxy server and left a journal and some messages.
Of course I am a bit uncertain at the moment whether the link will keep working, but I have just tried it several times, and it came up as fast as ever. So that looks promising. It is a wonderful feeling.
Many thanks to Geoff especially, but also to all of you who were so supportive and reacted to my journals. Indeed I appreciate your interest and support …

Is working via a proxy server safe?

Sorry to bother you with still another journal in connection with my problems of being cut off from Redbubble via the normal route. Yes, the link via my provider UPC is not working yet.
Once of the other victims here in the Netherlands suggested to go to Redbubble via a proxy server (http://proxy.org/cgi_proxies.shtml).
This is what I am doing at the moment. It offers the opportunity of writing comments at last again, but I cannot enter my groups. I have not yet tried to load up a new picture, as I am still pretty much in doubt about this server.
Does anyone of you know more about such a proxy server? Is it really safe to use it?
Actually I get the note here that I have not enabled java script. That may be the reason why the proxy server does work only partly. I have really no idea. I may be…

Still cut off! (6th August 2009)

Hi friends,
Just a few lines written at the Public Library again. The main purpose is to thank all those of you very much indeed who have written such encouraging comments in reaction of yesterday’s journal. It is a wonderful gesture of interest and support!
The UPC problem is not solved yet alas. How long will it still go on … I just do not know.
All the best,

Cut off from Redbubble (5th August 2009)

Hi friends,
It is such a wonderful feeling to be on my Redbubble site again! Unfortunately I have been cut off at home since a week already. So I decided today to cycle here to the Public Library in Hilversum to try to get in touch again.…

Of course this is not the real solution. I am afraid that that solution will not be found today or tomorrow either. I am the victim of some network linking problem caused by my provider, i.e. UPC here in the Netherlands.

On the Redbubble problem site I have discovered that I am not the only who suffers from the UPC problem. There are Redbubblers as far away as Ireland and Austria who cannot get in touch. I am pushing for a solution via the helpdesk and via emails, but will it help? At the moment they still say that the link breaks somewhere in Japan. But

The features keep coming (19th July 2009)

To my great pleasure the features have again been flowing in during the past weeks. Once again I want to thank all the hosts of the various groups very, very much indeed for their delightful support. And I am also most grateful to each and everyone of you who continues to appreciate my stuff here and boosts my own endeavours.

Here the featured shots. May you enjoy to see them again:

In the group “Country Roads”:

In the group „Nikon D80 Users“:

In the groups „All about water“ and „Out of the Blue“:

In the group „Which way?“:

In the group „Shots in the Fog“:

In the groups „Trees“ and „A Garden somewhere“:

In the group „PostCard Style“:

In the group „Retired and Happy“:

New Features again and also a Featured Member (3rd July 2009)

Once again a good number of my shots were featured in the past weeks. One shot was even featured four times! This time too I want to thank all the hosts of the various groups very, very much indeed. Having been honoured as a “Featured Member” of “Stream Crossings” has added to my great satisfaction. I am most grateful to each and everyone of you who continues to appreciate my stuff here and boosts my own endeavours.…

Here the featured shots. May you enjoy to see them again:

In the groups „European Everyday Life“ and „ImageWriting“:

In the group „Retired and Happy“:

In the groups “Your Magic Place” and “Retired and Happy”:

In the groups “European Everyday Life” and “Stream Crossings”:

In the group “A Place to Call Home”:

In the group “Horse and Rider”:

In the groups “Nikon D80 Users”,

Many thanks for June features (19th June 2009)

This month I have already been rewarded by a good load of features! Perhaps I have joined just too many groups? But it is a great experience again and again that so many of my pictures are appreciated to such a high extent. So once again I want to thank all the hosts of the various groups very much indeed. My immense gratitude extents also to all those of you who keep me getting out at 5 am by your wonderfully encouraging comments to my work.
Fortunately I have had some good weeks up to now in June. So I could enjoy some great mornings. I know that another dark period will come soon again, but fortunately it will not be able to take away all those great mornings of the past weeks, whether I went to the forest, stayed on the heath and made my way into the polderland.…

Here the featured shots


This month there was once again a good load of features rewarding my work! This happened although I was hardly active on Redbubble. To say the truth: I had a very poor month due to one of my depressive periods. Actually I did not go out with the camera more than three times – in spring! Well, the inner clouds were pretty dark, too dark on most days to enjoy the green world outside. But things are as they are. And they can only become better again, as I know from the past. Starting on this feature will hopefully prove another sign that I am going back uphill again already.…

Though partly very late, I am still very grateful and want to thank the hosts of the various groups ever so much for their esteem of my pics. Several of them were featured before. Still I like to share them with you aga


In the last two weeks I have again been rewarded here by a high number of featured shots. Some of them are again featured more than once.…

Quite a few of them are known to you already from former feature journals. Still I like to share them with you again today to show how delighted I am. Once again I am most grateful to the hosts of the various groups for their wonderful appreciation and support of my work here.

PS. Some of you will have noticed that I have been pretty inactive here recently and did not comment and react as much as I generally try to do. Life has been pretty hectic for us here, as my father-in-law died last week (at the age of 96). So there was little time for photographic activities, I am afraid.

Here the featured shots.

In the group “European Everyday Life”:

In the gro

MANY MORE FEATURES (15th April 2009)

To my great delight I can share a heart-warming high number of newly featured shots with you again today. Several are even featured more than once again.…

Once again I am most grateful to the hosts of the various groups for their wonderful appreciation and support of my work here. You make me go!!!

Here the featured shots.

In the group “Out of the blue”:

In the groups “Country Roads” and “Canon Vs Nikon”:

In the group “You´re Accepted”:

In the group “ImageWriting”:

In the groups “Mood & Ambiance”, “Seasonal ´Scapes” and “The Dutch Connection”:

In the group “Falling Leaves”:

In the group “Historic Churches”:

In the group „Shots in the Fog“:

In the group „Mood & Ambiance“:

In the groups “Your Magic Place” and “Nautical”:

I hope it will give you a lot of pleasure to see these shot

GREAT NEWS: featured artist, 10 shots featured and even two sales (27th March 2009)

To my great delight and endless gratefulness I can share a lot of great news with you today:…

1) I experience it as a great honour to have been chosen as a featured artist in the group “Masters of the Scenic”, especially so as this happens very quickly after my joining the group. Many, many thanks for this wonderful boost!

2) Again there have been quite a number of shots featured in the past days, i.e. 10 shots featured 12 times. This again is a great bit of support and esteem, and I appreciate it ever so much. Many, many thanks to all the hosts of the various groups.

3) Two of my shots were sold, one as a card and the other as a framed print (my first framed print sold!). In neither case I know who bought the pictures. Actually I always find it a bit of a pity as I love to wander in my im

WOW AGAIN! Another challenge win! (25th March 2009)

Just a moment ago I made another wonderful Redbubble discovery: again a challenge win! This time in the challenge „Sun Rays from Above“ in the group „Mornings&Evenings – Sunbeams&Storms“. It is a wonderful boost for my Redbubble activities in particular and my photographic work in general. Once again many, many thanks to all of you who voted for me.

And many thanks at the same time to all of you who remain such wonderful visitors and commentators of my gallery here. I appreciate all your comments very much indeed even if I do not react to each of them individually.

Here the winning shot:

WOW! A challenge win! (17th March 2009)

I am sending out far too many journals, am I not? But I must simply tell you about my special morning joy today! I just discovered that I did win in the challenge “Pathways” in the “Nikon DSLR Users Group”! I am so delighted! Ever so many thanks to all of you who voted for me!

Here the winning shot:

Again new features: 12 shots featured 15 times (16th March 2009)

It is high time to say „Thank you very much!“ to all the hosts of the various groups that have featured 12 pictures of mine in the last two and a half weeks again, some of them even twice. I am once again most grateful to them.
And I am ever so grateful to you all who remains such true supporters of my work, stimulating me to keep going even when I do not altogether feel like it.

Enjoy the pictures again!

In „The World“ and „Seasonal ´Scapes“:

In „Cards: Best of your Best“ and in “Your Magic Place”:

In “Live, Love, Dream” and in “Your Magic Place”:

In „Shots in the Fog“:

In „Your Magic Place“:

In „ImageWriting“:

In „European Everyday Life“:

In „Country Roads around the World“:

In „Sets of Two“:

In „Retired and Happy“:

In „Your Magic Place“:

WOW! A canvas print sold! (11th March 2009)

I just got the most delightful message that a picture of mine was sold as a medium-sized canvas print. As the name of the buyer is not given, my only possibility to express my gratitude is by writing this journal here. Of course this is a wonderful boost for my photographic work. So I am indeed ever so grateful. Many, many, many thanks!
And whoever the buyer is and wherever he or she lives, I hope the print will give him or her lots and lots of joy. S/he may know that it is a picture which I love dearly myself. And it also is the picture which is most-viewed and faved in this gallery, with 1667 views and 55 faves.

Here the lucky shot , called “The first touch of autumn in laneland”

Wow! Another avatar! And a featured artist again, too! (4th March 2009)

I just discovered the wonderful fact that I have a second avatar in less than a week as I did win the challenge for the March avatar of the “Happy Haven Photography” group with my picture “In the enchanted forest”. It is so stimulating to realize that I am also featured artist of this great group now.

Indeed it was a happy morning for me when I took this shot in the enchanted October forest in 2007 here near Laage Vuursche. And I am ever so glad that it now gives happiness to so many among you! Many, many thanks to everyone who voted for me. I am most grateful to you all. And I do you wish ever so many happy moments when you are going out with your camera.

Here the happy shot:

Avatar of “Retired and Happy” (27th February 2009)

Please forgive me for bombarding you with journals. But I just have to tell you all the happy news. My “tenderness“ picture has just been chosen as the avatar of the group “Retired and Happy”. I am delighted, to say the least! Ever so many thanks to the hosts of the group!!!

I certainly consider this picture one of my best. And it was done with a pint and shooter. It may be an encouragement for all those who cannot (yet) have a DSLR. I am very happy with my Nikon D80 now, but the Panasonic FZ10 which luckily I bought in 2004, was a great camera to start on my digital route.

And here the happy shot:

Featured again, 12 times in 7 days (26th February 2009)

Much to my pleasure, again a wonderful high number of my shots were featured in the past 7 days. Basking in so many uplifting signs of esteem, I want to thank each and every host of all the groups concerned very, very much for their appreciation of my shots. It is a great boost again!
And many, many thanks for all your complimentary and inspiring comments. I know that it is a great privilege to get such a wonderful response.

And here the shots:

In “Bicycle”:

In “Your Magic Place”:

In the “Feature Fraternity”:

In “Everyday Life”:

In “The Beauty of European Waters”:

In “Neighborhoods”:

In “Shots in the Fog”:

In “Gorgeous Germany”:

In “The World”:

Featured artist again! And 13 more features in 8 days! (16th February 2009)

Once again ever so many thanks to Ruth and Evita, the hosts of the fascinating group of „Country roads around the world“. It is certainly an honour which I highly appreciated. And as I wrote the other day: the group helped me to look in a different way at country roads! Not that I did not see them before, but I did not take as much effort to find the right site for a good shot. Now I know what I am doing it for: not only for myself, but also for everyone here in this great group and for all of you in the Redbubble community.…

To add to my bliss, my shots were featured so very often again in the past 8 days. It is a great privilege to get such an encouraging response! So I want to thank each and every host of all the groups concerned very, very much for their appreciation of my shots. It is

Come and take a look yourself at a new talent

I met Peter here on the heath at Hilversum some weeks ago while he was taking some shots of the sunset. We started to have a good talk, and I told him about Redbubble. He was immediately interested. In the meantime he has already started a very nice little portfolio. I am sure there is a lot more beautiful stuff to come as he certainly has a great talent.

Please take a look yourself at Peter´s gallery here

14 features in the last three weeks

Again a wonderful feature “harvest” in the past three weeks. One of the shots was even featured three times! Once again I am most grateful to all the hosts of the various groups who have given such a boost to my photographic activities. It was all the more welcome, as I was going through one of those darker periods again when I always start doubting about it all … Fortunately I know that these periods are temporary. And that I can always come back to you all who are such a stimulating lot.…

Here the pictures.

In “Sets of two”:

In „Your Magic Place“, in „Seasonal ´Scapes“ and in „Mood and Ambiance“:

In „European Everyday Life“:

In „Natural Color and Light“ and in „You´re Accepted“:

In „European Everyday Life“:

In „Country Roads“:

In „Your Magic Place“:

In „Shots in the Fog“:

In „Ru

My twelve most-viewed pictures as a vote of thanks

By way of saying “Thank you very much” for all your wonderful reactions to my first anniversary here on Redbubble, I have looked through my collection to show you the twelve most viewed pictures. I hope you will enjoy to see them all together here again.…

The first touch of autumn in laneland (1399 views, 48 faves):

In the enchanted forest (1242 views, 77 faves):

Sea-side sun-set gulls at IJmuiden (840 views, 12 faves):

Looking for the morning ghosts (805 views, 76 faves):

Revisiting an old friend in November (612 views, 79 faves):

A veil of morning light (607 views, 53 faves):

After darkness comes light (512 views, 36 faves):

Early summer-morning dreamland (502 views, 23 faves):

Just a few reeds (496 views, 23 faves):

Strolling through dreamland (464 views, 28 faves):


One year on Redbubble 17th January 2009

One year on Redbubble: this anniversary is clearly a landmark that should not be passed without a comment, I feel. Let me underline that I have experienced this new gallery – I had three galleries on deviantart before, two of which are still actively kept by me, though not as actively as this Redbubble one – as a very positive experience.…

As each new gallery I first had to put quite some work into it to get so much response as I had hoped for. But the combination of give and take has worked out very well. I am watching 376 portfolio´s by now, 316 of you have inscribed my portfolio on their watchlist. There may be some reason to clean up my watchlist, but I have not yet find the time to do so and do not really feel the necessity. Of course I cannot follow all these galleries regularly, but

15 shots featured in the past two weeks

Again a surprising great number of my pictures were featured in the past two weeks, three of them even twice. What a boost! Let me say it once again: It is an enormous stimulation for my photographic activities to get such a wonderful response from all of you and especially from the hosts of the groups mentioned. So once again many, many thanks to the hosts of the various groups and to you all!!! You are such a great lot!!!…

Here the pictures.

In “European Everyday Life”:

In “Your Magic Place” and in “Landscape Photography”:

In „Peace, Love and Tranquility“:

In “Mood&Ambiance”:

In “European Everyday Life”:

In “My Neighborhood”:

In “Stream Crossings”:

In “Don´t fence me in” and “Seasonal `Scapes”:

In “Your Magic Place”:

In “European Everyday Life”:

In “Rivers, Lakes and Dams”:


Nine shots featured again in the past two weeks

Nine pictures of mine have been featured in the past two weeks. I am delighted about this wonderful expression of a high esteem of what I try to do. Thank you very much to all the hosts of the various groups! There support is a most valuable boost to my photographic endeavours.

Here the pictures in the various groups.

Sets of two

Your Magic place

Your Magic Place and in Natural Color and Light

Landscape Photography

Seasonal ´Scapes

All that is Nature

European Everyday Life

I hope you enjoy seeing these pictures again.

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