The next operation

Two days ago the tumor in my left kidney was targeted by a procedure they call Radio Frequency Ablation. This way of treatment is much less invasive than even a so-called non-invasive operation as I had in January for the tumor in the right kidney.

The treatment was done under anethetic, but I only had to stay one day and night at the Leiden University Hospital as everything went according to plan and I was feeling quite ok very quickly. Hopefully there will be no complications in the days to come and both kidneys will keep functioning well.

I am very glad that this barrier has now been taken too, and I do hope that my energy and inspiration will improve in the weeks and months to come. After all I have been a rather poor participant on the galleries in the past period, mostly not feeling up to a more active role and having only very few new pictures worth showing in store.

I hope you are all having a good summer. With my very best wishes,


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