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Hospital and home page

Hi dear friends,
I am still staying at the local hospital at Hilversum, being cared for very well. Unfortunately the HAP (hospital aquired pneumonia) is a tricky contender. So I may have to stay here still for some more time. Will I be home next weekend? Or will I have to stay still another week? I just do not know. A lot of patience is needed at the moment. The forests will have to do without me for some time longer, I am afraid.
But at least the immediate reason for my going back to hospital has been tackled successfully. Things were pretty dramatic, I can tell you, after the operation wound of my right kidney had started to bleed again. The original operation had been taken place at the University Clinics at Leiden. Everything seemed to go so well, me being home already two days later.
But then things went wrong. Unfortunately in such a way that in the end I had to be taken to the local hospital by ambulance after an internal blood loss of three liters, unconciousness, emergency operation, blood transfusions, i.e. a lot of unpretty drama for me and my family.
Fortunately the bleeding could be stopped by that extra operation, this time done from the artery going the inside way. I am really once again deeply impressed by the scope and means of modern medicine.
I am afraid that the HAP is not a matter of modern medicine, however. Here we just have to wait and see. Wish me patience and good luck, please.
Matthijs was so kind last week to post my message. Once again so very many of you have reacted in such a wonderful and supportive way. I am most grateful to you. Helena, my wife, already read your messages on the phone. It is a great experience to see them here myself today.
When I opened my RB page at last again (how I had longed to do so!!!), I had the extra surprise of the homepage feature of one of my pictures. Many of you have noticed it and have reacted with great appreciation..
So I want to thank you for both, for your wonderful support and stimulation and for your appreciation of my art. These days it is already three years that I am on RB, three most inspiring and rewarding years, thanks to you!
YES, you are a great crowd of friends. Now that I go back to my hospital bed, cut off again for our bubbling world for another 24 hours or so, I will take the warmth and heartiness of your messages with me!!!
All the best from a most grateful Juergen who is very happy to be still around ….

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