Guidelines To Waterfall Group

Rules and Guidelines to Waterfalls Group

Hello all and welcome to the Waterfalls group. This is a group created to hopefully gain knowledge on shooting Waterfalls and moving Water shots.

Rules for the group:

- No more than 1 uploads a day. Please make sure to add a written description of the settings you used and your technique. The perfect example of how do do this is here
Details To Washout

- Unlimited uploads please only 1 per day per member

- Please only post waterfall and movement of water shots.

- Please enjoy yourself and do not feel shy to ask any questions we are all here to learn.

If you have any questions please post it here

Group Guidelines:

1) Only add work that is directly related to this group.2) No more than 1 upload a day. Unlimited posts3) Don’t get upset if the moderators remove your work from a group. See group guideline 1.Remember all the moderators are volunteers who are doing all of us a service so play nice with them or don’t play.

How to post a photo to the group is Here

To join the group go here Waterfalls Group


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  • Halcyon007
    Halcyon007about 7 years ago

    Hurrah – a waterfalls group

    Thanks for setting this up Jeff

  • Halcyon007
    Halcyon007about 7 years ago

    Oh, and just seen, i’m teachers pet again LOL

  • Steven  Sandner
    Steven Sandnerabout 7 years ago

    cool, just that i dont have any waterfall pics yet :(

  • Andrew Bosman
    Andrew Bosmanabout 7 years ago

    Hi Jeff, I wrote this a while back, and a few other people have added their suggestions to it as well. Feel free to use it in the group if you wish.

  • Andre Gascoigne
    Andre Gascoigneabout 7 years ago

    This is a really cool idea. I’ll start off with one of my shots.
    its called ‘McKensie falls 1’
    I shot the image a few months ago on photography-camp in the Grampians in Victoria. If you are ever looking for somewhere beautiful to go to take some shots… thats a GREAT start.

    I shot this image with a relatively long lens, at f29 for 1.3 secs. This gave me a nice flattening to the rocks which helped in the framing, and gave me a sufficient exposure to blend the cascading water but without losing all of it’s detail into what i call ‘halo’-ing. I finally made it black and white in photoshop (NOT ON MY CAMERA) because this way i could tune the individual colors till i had a black and white that i was happy with.

    My second shot was at the same place, but a little further down the falls.

    For this shot, i used the same aperture (f29) but went for a slightly longer exposure of 4 seconds. As you can see, that little bit extra of an exposure has added to the ghosting and makes the water look like a much smoother softer ‘cloud’. I used a slightly shorter lens on this image which gives it more depth by giving a bit of a wider angle.
    I’m not as happy with the second image, even after i added some dodging and burning digitally because the lower thrid of the image seems to lack interest. i think if perhaps i had burnt it more it would have a bit more impact.

    now i’m going to hit post and hope that the images above work. Also, feel free to tear what i said to bits, im sure the idea of this is to generate a discussion, and you cant have a decent discussion without some criticism.

  • Steve
    Steveabout 7 years ago

    I also am pleased to see a waterfall group and will join and post soon. Why do you other guys get the good ideas :-)

  • Lois Romer
    Lois Romerabout 7 years ago

    Good idea for a group. so far I only have 2 waterfall shots but hoping to get some more in the next few weeks and all tips and help will be welcome.

  • Andre Gascoigne
    Andre Gascoigneabout 7 years ago

    :S did i do this wrong? is this where i was supposed to write this?

  • Jeff  Burns
    Jeff Burnsabout 7 years ago

    Hi Andre Goto the community tab then click on the groups tab and join the waterfall group.
    You post your pictures there. Any picture you want to enter on the Waterfall group you go into your art folder and edit the picture. There is a checkbox to check to enter it in the group.
    Link to the waterfall group is : Waterfall Group

    The how to put a photo in the group is Here

  • Andre Gascoigne
    Andre Gascoigneabout 7 years ago

    aww wow! a whole new section of the site that i had completely overlooked. i feel like such a goose :P (ive always wanted to say that)

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