As a young photographer I try to do everything that I can. I can’t stay to one concentration in photography because expression plays a huge role in what I do. I do everything from sports, to portraits, macros, landscapes, and abstracts. I see the world differently than everyone else. I see the world through pictures and moments, seeing everything for what it is truly worth and nothing short of amazing. I try to bring this state of mind and mood out in my photographs. Weather it be through Photoshop or darkroom, I love it all. I love seeing the “WOW” look on peoples faces when they see my photos. Mainly because I see things differently. I see every object as something more that just that. I feel I can see deep into what the object has to offer to my images more than just composition and design. I see a whole other world, a story, an abstraction. I constantly look for these opportunities every where I go. I like to show people how to look deeper and just simply enjoy everything in there life and show how every little thing they take for granted, can be that little thing that helps you escape into a world of thoughts, feelings, and wonder.

  • Age: 23
  • Joined: February 2008


Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography

So yesterday (10/20/08) I had just received notice that I was officially accepted into one of the first colleges on my list. The Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography in Pennsylvania. / I actually had an interview with one of the staff there in late august and decided to bring along some of my work so he can get a feel for me. So I just threw some pictures on a disc and off I went. Turn…
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