Janet Boyd Art

Janet Boyd Art

New Orleans, United States

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I was born an artist. There is no use trying to change, I am addicted to art. I lust for beauty.

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I create in oil on canvas, drawings on paper and photoshop.

My studio camp is in the Louisiana Jungle. I also live in New Orleans. (Yes, Katrina was the bitch of all bitches but she also washed in some blessings.)

Art is my way of communicating. If you like it then we have touched.

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What I Want

What I Want / Nothing less / than Nirvana / in Utopia / and Universal Love / Here on Earth!!
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Gold Creek

What a gorgeous day. I am grateful to be in the woods. Leaves of spring green russle with the wind. Sun and breeze caress the face. / I have finally gotten workable internet at Gold Creek, so maybe I wil be adding to this journal more regularly. / Spring is the best gardening season. Lately I have been reserching “edible woodland gardening” / Many of the principles harmonize with …
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Chicken and Dumplings recipe

Chicken and Dumplings / A sure to please recipe. A vintage southern USA favorite. Easy, filling and disappears fast. / Shop for a whole chicken or a pack of thighs or a pack of breast. A box of Bisquick. Some herbs. Milk or cream. Butter. Chicken boullion. / Bring a quart and a half quart of water with a heaping teaspoon of salt to a boil in a large pan. Take a whole chicken or a pack of t…
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Artistic Personality Complex

So I did not fit into the mainstream. I did not understand the how and why of cultural and social customs. Others told me directly that they did not understand what was wrong with me. I was called “unconscious” by my mother and others. Airhead. / People seemed pleased to observe, “Janet may be intellegent, but she does not have a drop of common sense.” They were…
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