God I'm Bored!

“God I’m bored,” said God, laying back lazily and gazing out into eternity.
“Surely you mean, ‘I’m a bored God,’ said a voice over His left shoulder.
“What’s that ? Oh it’s you Lucifer, might have known.”
Too clever by half that Lucifer thought God, he’s heading for a fall and no mistake.
“Alright then, clever angel, what do you suggest?”
“Well if I may be so bold Almighty, what about a new angel wrestling tournament?”
“Oh give me strength Lucifer, we have only just finished the last one, and Gabriel won as usual. Why don’t you enter sometime, it’s all so predictable.”
“I was thinking of something a little different, your Almighty all seeing eminence.” Lucifer’s eyes narrowed and he moved closer to God’s ear.”
“Different eh? Mmm, that sounds tempting, what had you in mind?” God said, as Lucifer edged closer.
“I was just thinking, Almighty one, that we have all these wonderful ‘other’ angels that never seem to take part in the wrestling. You know the ones who glide around looking beautiful and serene and strangely ‘different’.”
God ran his fingers slowly through his beard that flowed on into the furthest reaches of everlastingness.
“You mean those weak slim things with the dainty wings and permanent expressions of purity.” God stroked his nose and looked thoughtful.
“The very ones your All seeing Almi….”
“Oh do stop it Lucifer, just Almighty will do thankyou, just get on with it.”
“I was thinking Almighty, that a contest between them might be an interesting diversion from the normal, an alternative encounter, you could say .”
“Mmm, sounds intruiging, there could be hope for you yet. Prepare a draft and get back to me later.”

As Lucifer departed, a golden glow shone over God’s right shoulder .
“Gabriel! Good to see you, congratulations on another wrestling triumph. You do me a power of good, not like that Lucifer. There is definitely something alien about that angel. I’m bored Gabriel, got any ideas.”
“Why not create something Almighty?” Gabriel glowed with golden light.
“Do take that gold medal off Gabriel, it dazzles my all seeing eyes, now sit down and tell me about this creation business”
“I was thinking Almighty, that you could share your bountiful goodness with others.”
God leaned back in his throne with a sigh. “Others? There are no others are there. There is nobody here but us. Really Gabriel, that trophy has gone to your wings.”
“But you could create someone Almighty, some place, some other… other. You could make other existences. They wouldn’t be like Heaven of course, but there could a firmament with worlds and maybe one of those worlds could be populated with creatures and growing matter. And water could gather in the hollows and fish could swim and birds could fly and you could make creatures in your own image….” Gabriel was glowing brightly now and it was nothing to do with the medal, he was on a roll.
“Hold it right there, creatures in my own image?! Why in Heaven would I want to do that?”
“Well, Almighty one, they would be imperfect to start with but then with experience and help from your son…”
“Just a minute, just a minute, what son? Are you suggesting I have a son.”
“Yes Almighty, the Son of God and he would walk amongst them and teach them and they would be redeemed and then they would reign with you in Heaven for eternity.”
“You know what Gabriel, I think you must have got a bang on the head during that wrestling tournament, of all the crackpot ideas I’ve heard lately that is the worst. Close the gate on your way out, there’s a good angel. Oh and if you see Lucifer, tell him I want to go over that idea of his in more detail.”

And the rest of course is history… or then…maybe not.

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When I saw Mike Short’s photo God I’m So Bored it reminded me of a story I wrote some time ago and as Mike is a mate, it seemed only right to offer it as a collaboration. I decided to post it here too. Two for the price of one so to speak!


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  • WatscapePhoto
    WatscapePhotoover 4 years ago

    Devilishly good, Denis ;-)

  • Thanks Steve!

    – Jazzdenski

  • Mynybee
    Mynybeeover 4 years ago

    I have to come back to this

  • OK… have you been back yet?

    – Jazzdenski

  • BabyM2
    BabyM2over 3 years ago

    OMG this is a brilliant read enjoyed it so much.

  • OMG… perfect symmetry in subject and comment. So glad you liked it BM2. I really enjoyed writing this!

    – Jazzdenski

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