A Near Death Experience

I floated slowly up to the ceiling
And looked down at the body on the bed,
A body that seemed… somehow… familiar.
The memories swam around my head like a
Drug-induced dream. The after gig party,
The smart set hangers on and after that,
The cab, the acid-tab, the whiskey and the wine,
One hell of a time, and one girl, still there, on the bed.
Then something began to pull me away,
Bright light surrounded me, holding me,

Then the music… like all the music I had ever heard
Played by all the musicians I had ever wanted to be.
Billie, Prez and Bird; And the King of the Delta Blues.

I joined in that celestial session, so fine, that in
Rolling Stone they would say, Jimi played that day
Like tomorrow would never come.
He held that riff as if Hell was waiting.

A solo for his life: Until… his axe melted away.

Jimi! Jimi! You’re alive! Jesus Christ, I thought you’d died.
Shaking me, shaking me. Someone was shaking me.
Opening my eyes, I could see a single bulb on the ceiling.
The girl was crying. She thought I was dying.
But you know Parky, I should have died that night,
I should have been dead, just another acid-head
Rock star, dead from a one too many fix
And now I’m here… on this show!

Yes Jimi and now you’ve hit the heights.
Ladies and gentlemen, show your appreciation
For my guest tonight……………

Currently unavailable for purchase

I suppose many rock or jazz fans have speculated about what would have happened if Jimi Hendrix hadn’t died in the seventies. Would he have gone on breaking the boundaries of rock music. Would he have teamed up with the jazz rock school. There were rumours of a collaboration with Miles Davis, or would he turned into ‘an all round entertainer’.
For those of you who don’t know; ‘Parky’ refers to Sir Michael Parkinson who was the host of a very middle-of-the road chat show. ‘Billie’ is Billie Holliday. ‘Prez’ is Lester Young. ‘Bird’ is Charlie ‘Yardbird’ Parker. ‘The King of the Delta Blues’ is Robert Johnson who seems to have influenced every blues and rock guitarist who has ever played. Now read on……


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  • mmargot
    mmargotover 5 years ago

    Man oh man, you sure can write!
    It is a hateful thing to say, but I tend to agree with montdragon and kerouac : some were meant to shine, blaze, explode – for the light is too bright.

  • I agree about the blazing star analogy Margot. What I was trying to convey in this was that Jimi really wished that he had died, instead of dying artistically in the slow lane of middle of the road acceptance. Thanks for your comment Margot. You encouragment means alot to me.

    – Jazzdenski

  • anitaL
    anitaLover 5 years ago

    So many talents, your words are alive. I read this with ‘Billie’ singing in the background, perfect, it just happened that way. There are worse deaths than the body dying, mediocrity would have been a living death for him, hell on earth, my view. I saw him live in the I O W in the 60’s I can still see him today, amazing, to be less than that………….. Great stuff there Den. I am so proud we are related. x

  • Thanks for that Ann. I am very touched by your words.

    – Jazzdenski

  • MatthewM
    MatthewMover 5 years ago

    excuse me while i kiss the sky……

  • He died trying, but better that way than in the end of my poem. Thanks for looking.

    – Jazzdenski

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