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I’m primarily a nature photographer, usually wildlife, and I have lots of access to wildlife in Colorado. My main goal is to capture some...


Of Thanksgiving & Front-Focusing Problems

Some of you may have noticed that I’m slacking a little in posting new photos. It isn’t through lack of interest. It’s a camera problem.…

My main camera is the Sony Alpha 700. It’s a wonderful photography tool and I like it very much. It gives me (at least I think so) beautiful results with professional grade lenses.Except that it’s developed a problem. I noticed that a lot of my pics were just a bit out of focus – not sharp like I’m accustomed to. After the usual attempts to rectify the situation (cleaning the lens, using a blower to get dust off the sensor, and using a sensor cleaner gently), things weren’t any better. I tried all my lenses (all professional grade), the problem persisted.

Fortunately, I got the extended warranty when I got the camera new. The service is through P

Colorado RBers Meet & Greet

The Beautiful Colorado group is having a meet & greet. – you can RSVP on that forum if you’re interested.

RB Colorado Meet & Greet

( Passing this along for Kasey if you have questions, please contact her. :)

Hey there!!!

A couple of us are planning a Rb meet and Greet for the Colorado Folks this Sunday! If you are interested it will be fun to meet everyone!

Here are the details and I will post a journal in the Beautiful Co group as well!

This Sunday Nov 23nd at 11:00
The Curious Cup
1377 Forest Park Cir Ste 100
Lafayette CO 80026

Hope you can make it!!!

Big Sigh

It’s a long story, so bear with me.…

Yesterday I took the dog (Kodi Bear) back to his favorite park, and we took the horse trails that run through the little used parts of the park. The first half of our walk he kept himself busy trying to ambush voles, and yanking me off my feet most of the time in doing so. His favorite hobby is chasing voles.

As we were approaching the wildlife sanctuary, I spotted a coyote about 30 meters away, looking right at us, posed in a bright sunny patch of open are. His eyes reflected the rising sun and sparkled. I’ve been trying to get a shot of the pair of coyotes here for the better part of a year, without success. They’re crafty critters and always seem to be too far away or duck into the brush before I can get a pic..

I slowly reached for my camera ba

Bubblers Trip to RMNP

Sorry I’ve been late in, well, just about everything here on RB for the last week or so. I haven’t posted or commented on much – my apologies to all the great artists here.…

What I did want to post about is a recent Bubblers trip to RMNP last weekend. JLDunn and dretke1 joined my son and I in Rocky Mountain National Park for the rutting elk.

it was a great trip with 2 exceptions – it rained almost the whole time, and I had the worst time finding elk. Every other trip to RMNP, including the weekend before, we found elk everywhere; that weekend, I could only find a few isolated pockets of elk. And these were the most camera-shy elk I’ve ever encountered. A few bugles and they either high-tailed it into the brush or up the side of a mountain and away.

Hopefully I can connect with Gary L

Woo Hoo - Several Featured Works

Sorry I haven’t been that active the last week or so – I’ve had a cold or the plague or something that’s just sapped my energy & productivity.

I’ve had several featured works lately – I thought instead of listing them individually, I’d just hit them all at once.

CAN YOU FEEL THE RUT? and STUCK IN A RUT were both featured in All That Is Nature

SUMMIT LAKE SUNSET and WESTWARD SUN were both featured in Beautiful Colorado


And FLEEING BABY MARMOT was featured in Exotic Mammals

Thanks for the features!!

Stock Photography

I just had my first batch of photos approved by the agency that will represent my work.

On the one hand, it’s very exciting and a huge validation (well, this is too).

On the other hand, it’s a lot of work. I’m spending even more time in front of the computer making sure the RAW files get processed correctly, saving the files as 50mb TIFFs, and the files get sent off well.

Who knows – I could make tens of dollars for my effort.

As part of my agency contract, some of my favorite pics here will no longer be for sale (act NOW before it’s too late!).

A big thanks to everyone for their support and feedback!


My electronic devices seem to be plotting against me. Again. After ongoing connectivity problems (forgive me for not commenting on more works during this trying time) and hard disk problems, I think I have most of the problems dealt with.…

I thought I lost a bunch of my archived RAW files after an external drive failure. I thought I backed everything up, and apparently I did, but my computer just can’t see the files for whatever reason. It’s a complicated process of using different software to locate the files and move them so that Windows can no find them on the drive.

Fortunately that’s not frustrating or anything.

On a positive note, I’ve managed to inhibit the impulse to take a large hammer to the system. Nothing like practicing a little impulse control to make the day go by a lit

Here's To The Gimbal Head

I just received my new Wimberely Sidekick, and adapter arm that turns tripods ball head into a gimbal head. And let me just saw WOW!

Using a big, heavy lens (in my case, a 300mm f/2.8) on top of a ball head is an exercise in balance. The center of gravity with just a ball head is very top-heavy, always threatening to have the front of the lens crash into the tripod if your attention or motor skills lag for a second.

Not with a gimbal head. The center of gravity is much lower, and the lens balances perfectly. I can move the lens/camera with one finger, and when I stop moving it, the lens/camera stays put. No more awkward fine adjustments or balancing the lens just so. It makes aiming the lens almost effortless.

How did I ever survive without one until now?

What a fun day

It started a little after 4 a.m. so that I could get to Summit Lake for the sunrise and magic light. I thought the place was my own little playground until I ran into a couple of climbers who got an earlier start than me. As it turns out, I arrived a little late, but fortunately the sun was blocked by a cloud layer until I got set up. I almost felt like the world was put temporarily on hold until I got the remote release connected, and then, BAM!!, the sun broke through and bathed the rock face and lake with golden light. I couldn’t find the ND grad, but it was a small price to pay for magic. The light lasted only a few minutes, but in that brief time the light was glorious.…

As I continued uphill, I ran in to a pair of marmots snuggling with each other – almost like they were kissing

Yikes! Too Close To Wildlife

Fellow Bubbler John De Bord posted this over at NPN, and it illustrates exactly what I was posting about in reference to approaching wildlife. This was taken along Trail Ridge Road in RMNP yesterday, apparently (7-29-08).


Good times, bad times

I’ve been debating making this a journal entry.…

The last week or so has had its share of ups and downs.

On the positive side, I’ve been working with a stock agency re: selling some of my photos (they do some wildlife and landscape, and provide pics to Getty, among others), so that was kind of a boost. The upshot from that is that I will not be able to sell some photos posted here anymore. Buy those pics now at a cheap rate before they get ridiculously expensive elsewhere when I’m a rich, famous stock photographer (in case you missed the sarcasm, you’re supposed to be laughing at this point . . .).

On the annoying side, I’m having ongoing computer and network difficulties. Buying a new router only solved part of the problem. I’m still getting various Delayed Write Errors, frequent wire

RB Trip to Mt Evans

Yesterday, July 5, fellow Bubbler djd707 joined me and my son on a trip to Mt Evans. We got to see what I believe was the largest marmot in existence. The mountain goats were out too. Unfortunately, our search for pika was not so successful.

I think we stayed above 14,000ft a little too long – I was wiped out the rest of the day.

Thanks for a fun day, Daniel.

A Little Bit of an Absence

I haven’t been able to keep track of things here as much as I’d like lately. Busy, busy . . . Since I was getting a little burned out at work, I decided to take the day off to devote to photography (and a new lens – a Sigma 300mm f/2.8 – ooooooh, baby . . .).…

I went to my favorite fox location (like usual). Lately the coyotes have taken over and the foxes have been pretty skittish. I wasn’t expecting to see much either. I was about to leave when a pair of my favorite foxes made an appearance (I was also relieved – I’ve been worried about them with all the coyotes).

Fortunately, they were a little less skittish today and I managed to take a few pics (many more pics are posted on my web site – an amateur effort, I assure you). I even managed to locate an active den site, but no kit p

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